A bar tenders job is to poison people, amirite?

By that logic an oncologist's job is mostly poisoning people.

If humanity started with two humans, then technically we are all inbred. amirite?
@Kionix What are you doing stepstepstepstepstepstepstepsrepsrep bro?

Sharlene you get back in your brothers bedroom and you take whats yours

The kindest people on Earth are fast food workers who slip in extra nuggets, amirite?

The Mother Theresas of the McD.

The stock in rich, ruthless, blonde cartoon bad guys is going to go through the roof moving forward. amirite?
Buried people are corpses lying inside tree corpses, amirite?

Buried in the corpses of everything that ever lived around that area

Not counting suits or outfits, star wars only has one black human in each trilogy. amirite?

Nah. I can't remember the name of the dude in the prequels, but he was one of the Naboo guards. Their boss, I think? Add Sam and that's at least 2 in the prequels.

Spotify interrupts you to tell you the joys of not being interrupted, amirite?
@Ajdee6 What is spotify?

It's a music streaming service

A mother gives birth to a baby. And a baby gives birth to a mother. amirite?

The first child maybe

Most toothpastes are white to make it easier to spot blood. amirite?

I think they make them white so you believe it will whiten your teeth. Blood had nothing to do with it

Everything you've ever done outside has been recorded and can be viewed from across the universe forever. amirite?

This could be a very useful thing. You just warp to a place where you can obverse light from earth and use a ridiculously powerful telescope to observe events like people building the pyramids.

The cleaner the room, the harder to find stuff. amirite?
@Thewannabeguy22 Organizing things makes it easier to find stuff, you never see someone have a hard time finding something in a...

Totally agree with organizing. However, Organizing leads to clean; clean doesn't mean organized.

If you take too many schizophrenia pills than you disappear, amirite?
Pregnant women technically have eight limbs, thus making them arachnids, amirite?
A tall guy is the same as a girl with big breast, amirite?

Por que no los dos

Telephones aren't actually smelly, it's just that your sense of color can't pick up on eastern pillow tires, amirite?

Someone's having fun with predictive text