What do you think people get bullied for the most?
@tyedie95 I believe that it's all of the above, it's sad how society judges people

It is all above, but I wanted to know if there is a "common" reason people think of.

Do you want a Porn Buddy?
Do you want a Porn Buddy?
@drhannah No.. but I have been looking for a corn buddy

Sorry, I'm not into corn. Other wise I would suggest myself.

Facebook should have more options than just male and female for gender options

I don't see why they can't just write the script for it.

Yes, however after a while I learn how to navigate it. Avoiding the buggy parts.

Sometimes to make sense of yourself and the world, you have to imagine being a peanut, amirite?

Why must it be a peanut?

What do u think about teen pregnancy?

Where is the button, "Why do they want to do it?"

Before you know it, laptop companies will be getting rid of keyboards and will make you bye an external keyboard. Amirite?

You could have just said the truth. That Computer companies want Tablets to be the new Laptop, but there is still a market for Laptops. Along with the fact that Laptops can do a lot more then tables can do.

You hate to see people fight. Amirite?

Sometimes its fun to watch people fight when you know the fight is pointless and everything will work out in the end.

Personal opinion.

Do you think renewable energy should be in the curriculum of every school in the US?

School curriculums should have a lot of other things added in.

In this modern world, we say "Fcuk you" so much casually. But we hesitate so much to say "Love you".

I think "fuck you" and "love you" have both lost a lot of the meaning they had previous years.

God loves you so much. He died for you and wants to be you and wants to be your best friend and wants a relationship with you.

God may think that way, but I do not share the same thoughts.

Going through life without stopping to smell the roses is like eating something without savoring the taste, amirite?

Most roses now days just smell like cheep perfume.

Is this Amirite? site just for teenagers?

No, but teens could be common on this website. However, teens are common on any media/social media website