All the ironic and incredibly hilarious valentines memes make valentines day a little more tolerable being single, amirite?

I have to say with the memes, I'm looking forward to laugh at them on valentines day.

There's always those guys at the store buying Valentines candy that you know they're buying it for themselves, amirite?

I am one of them.

What or your thoughts on psychologically androgynous people? (People who are mentally neither or both genders)
@freespeechfreelancer Nothing overwhelmingly dominant in any of these miniscule occurrences in the vast array of species known to be in...

Not all Transgender people want or need to go through operations. Some are okay with just taking hormones, while others are completely fine with just being transgender and never changing anything in there life.

To have a friend, is a necessity. But to have a girlfriend/boyfriend, is a desire.

DX You are so kind and sweet! Your going to kill me with your kindness!

You're 12, it's NOT true love, you WILL find someone else, and you were only together for a week, you WEREN'T in love. Shut up. amirite?

If you can't love someone at age 12, then does that mean you don't love your family when your 12 or younger?

What is the most important thing to you in a relationship?

What about you wanted to be your self, along with wanting the other person to be their self too?

American society is sick, and twisted. People should not be plagued by the media telling them what the should be or look like. They should be able to be themselves and not care what others think, but most of them can't because they don't know how to break free of society's grasp.

Society will always be around and "tell" people what to think. However, because of the media is able to reach more people due to the internet. It effects a lot more people.

What gender are you?

I have never heard "Asian" and "Cheese" be a gender before.

Going through life without stopping to smell the roses is like eating something without savoring the taste, amirite?

Most roses now days just smell like cheep perfume.

It's usually the ones who complain about their parents the most who have the nicest parents, amirite?

I am! Oh...wait I shouldn't just barge into a conversation.

Before you know it, laptop companies will be getting rid of keyboards and will make you bye an external keyboard. Amirite?

You could have just said the truth. That Computer companies want Tablets to be the new Laptop, but there is still a market for Laptops. Along with the fact that Laptops can do a lot more then tables can do.

You can lose maturity as you age, so therefore, age does NOT guarantee maturity, amirite?

I was more mature when I was 5 years old, then I am now.

He, she or s/he? Should languages be made gender neutral or be left on their own to preserve literary integrity?

The few langues I have come in contact with are not gender neutral, but I find nothing wrong with them. I love how some words or ending tend to be for a section gender. However, the langues I know, there are usually some gender neutral pronouns.

The only time I'm unhappy with langues that have gender pronouns is when some one is calling me the wrong gender. Most of the time you can use people's names or titles instead of a pronouns.

Good thing we have daylight savings. It gives us the illusion that we have an extra hour, when in reality, we really don't.

I think the whole point of it is stupid.

I also enjoy it when it is perfectly torn on the doted line. Its almost like death if I don't tear it on the doted line.