Americans: You want to learn to speak in a perfect British accent so you can go to Britain, pretend to be British, and impress your new British friends with your great American accent, amirite?

Or if you learn a perfect British accent, you could impress your American friends with it.. that would probably be easier

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There is something common between the following words. Whats that ? Assess Banana Dresser Grammar Potato Revive Uneven Voodoo

They all palindromes which is when take the first letter off, put it at the end, and you have the same word spelt backwards. :)

If you roll snake eyes eight times in a row with the same pair of dice, what is the chance of rolling snake eyes on your ninth roll?

1 in 1. I think you can assume after 8 rolls that the dice are loaded.

If guns cause crime, then pencils cause mispelled werds. Like that one, amirite?

Actually, he means pencils, and the fact that it was typed on a keyboard instead of a pencil shows how guns aren't the only thing causing crime.

I am a ten letter word. The first four letters has power to rule, Next four letter can be eaten. Next three letters represents a lady. I can fly as well what am i looking for ?

This one is really difficult. You're a ten-letter word with eleven letters in it.

We teens are capable of so much more than wasting our lives away on being mediocre, shallow, and consumeristic. We should be using the greatest time of our lives to prepare ourselves to change the world. Amirite?

Nice to see some brains in the youth world! Keep up your enthusiasm, optimism, and drive. You will accomplish great things.

Caramel is is a two syllable word, amirite?

Actually, "caramel is" is two words.

How did the worst swearword in the English language come to be interchangeable with the word "love," amirite?

What, fuck? Not really.
"My wife died. I still love her."
"My wife died. I still fuck her."
Totally different.

What Is ...... Life?!! ..... They Say It's Something Between Birth To Death..... It's "B" to "D" ..... But What's Between "B" and "D"?!! ..... It's "C" .... It's your CHOICE.√
It's interesting how on a day where 31 people died in an explosion in Iraq, more people care about how 3 people died in an explosion in Boston, amirite?

"Nobody panics when things go according to plan. Even if the plan is horrifying."

The Land Before Time characters are named Littlefoot, Ducky, Petrie, Spike... and Sara... her name should be a little more discriptive, amirite?

CERACERACERA (: what a cute, angry, troubled dinosaur.

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The human species is slowly losing it's ability to walk, amirite?

You're extremely rude. how do you know they're not just having a race.

Way to jump to conclusions. I bet you also think every criminal is black.


Taylor Swift gives teenage girls a bad reputation. We're not all boy-obsessed drones who write songs and poetry every time a guy breaks up with us, amirite?

but some of us are ):

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