LOL, I laughed out loud at the 'dicksmasher' ;D Haha, best part!!

When you think about it, saying all blondes are dumb isn't stereotypic, its racist. amirite?

You're 12 years old. You think you know more then the rest of these people.... No one wants you around, so just shoo!

Calling red heads gingers is racist. Amirite?

This is just like the blonde-post! Hopefully this one could be entertaining also! My ranga friends don't mind me calling them ginger!

My room isn't messy, it's an obstacle course to keep me physically fit. amirite?

It's so annoying that people copy facebook pages..... :/

When you think about it, saying all blondes are dumb isn't stereotypic, its racist. amirite?
@The problem isn't people are assuming dumb blonde people are dumb, cause thats true, the problem is people are...

I meant that blonde isn't a person or personality. I wrote that because you really need to learn what grammar is. Yes, they are stereotyped to be dumb just like you have been. But in your post you say that calling blondes dumb ISN'T stereotypical. You said it was racist... Seriously, make up your mind woman :/

A band can't be your favorite band of all time, when you have only heard 2 of their songs, amirite?
@TitsHemingway What if those two songs they have heard are their favorite songs of all time?

Yeah, well I have a favourite band but my 2 favourite songs aren't even from them... My favourite songs are from an artest that I have no clue about. So there for that artest isn't my favouritest artest of all time :/

The Glee season finale needed more Jessie. amirite?

Dude, you can't even spell his name right :/

It really sucks when you say Paramore is your favourite band and people say you only like them because of Twilight when you've obviously knew them BEFOR Twilight! amirite?

You're not making any sense Hasna.... and you never will

When you think about it, saying all blondes are dumb isn't stereotypic, its racist. amirite?

No shit, Sherlock. Because blonde isn't a person or someone's personality. It's just apart of someone's appearance.... but DUMBblonde can be :)

i think of things i want to dream about before i go to sleep amirite?

That haapens to me. But when I actually have a dream, it's ALWAYS about something I didn't think but was mentioned during the day. So I think about having a nightmare but it wont happen! Easy trick for me ^-^

Television shows when i was growing up in the 1990's were way better. (hey arnold, rugrats, doug ect.) amirite?
@razzles15 i never stopped watching them. I'm in yr 10 now.

Yeah, I know a lot of poeple that still do. It's just me though

Male gym teachers shouldn't make girls with their periods run. When their mangina's start to bleep for six days then they can tell us to run, amirite?

Period cramps aren't the same as normal cramps...

Calling Atheism religion is like calling bald a hair color. amirite?

Same. That'll be hell weird.

the lovely bones movie was just as amazing as the book. amirite?

It's actually my favourite movie :)

Whoever chose Kristen Stewart to be Bella Swan was either drunk, high, or never looked at the book. amirite?