About me.

I guess I could update this, since I rarely do. PEEKABOO (which is my way of saying hello.) Well. I suppose I'll start with music. I like all kinds of music, except Dubstep and Country, basically. I guess my top ten favorite bands, if I had to pick, would be:
1: Mindless Self Indulgence
2: Bloodhound Gang
3: MorningWood
4: Owl City
5: Awolnation
6: Blink 182
7: Best Coast
8: Oasis
9: Passion Pit
10: Pink Floyd
I like way more stuff than that, though, I had to narrow things down. I have about 550 songs on my player, and I still need to add about 200 more, but I can't add any more than that because my player will run out of space, obviously.
Uh. I'm a Social Engineer. Not much of a high level professional, though, I rarely use it. I used to skate board but I broke my board and haven't gotten around to buying another. I'm an artist, I guess you could say. I paint, draw and sketch. To me, the more disturbing the artwork, the more it makes you think. But that could just be how my mind works, whatever. My favorite artist is Zdzislaw Beksinski, and if you have yet to see his work, look it up, it's beautiful. I like to play video games, and anyone who doesn't is insane. I usually play Ocarina of Time, Skyward Sword, Halo, DOA, Mortal Kombat, Mario games, SSB, Portal, Slender, or Minecraft. I play the Ukulele, the piano, the trumpet, and I'm currently waiting to obtain a Violin and a Cello. I'm a vegetarian...yeah. I live in Michigan. And it's extremely boring, which is why I'm saving up, planning, and mapping to take a roadtrip, and possibly just move somewhere else. I'll be fifteen in December of 2012 (included the year in case I haven't updated since then.) I make music on my computer, and it's quite enjoyable, I love it. I also have a really shitty blog and I make pointless videos on Youtube. I have two sleeping disorders...that's all there is to say about that, yeah. My eyes change colors. I'm a huge ALAIO (As Long As It's Offensive) fan...Johnfag. My role models include Mitchell Davis, Charlie McDonnell, Grace Helbig, Adam Young, Breanne Duren, and Karen O. Hm...I like to write; as you can tell. A few of my favorite movies are The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Donnie Darko, Where the Wild Things Are, and Submarine. (If you haven't seen Submarine, you're missing out. I believe it's on Netflix...the soundtrack includes Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys, and it's amazing.) My style...I guess you could describe is like a..."90's look," I suppose. Even though I'm not a 90's kid. Being born in 1997 does not make you a 90's kid, and anyone who thinks it does is ridiculous. Uh. Rant rant rant.