When you have a baby, you will not give them a name that they will be embarrassed of when they are older. Sure, the trend now is for unique names, but the line separating unique from abstract is pretty fine, amirite?

I told my mom (who is pregnant) that she should name it (if it's a girl) "Vienna." She said she liked it. Then she changed it to "Viana." Then she changed it to, "Viviana." Then she changed it to "Veveanna" and now it's "Kya." .......

...I just wanted to make you aware that your username made me giggle. :I

You never realize how much you swallow until it hurts to swallow, amirite?

Okay, I totally know you mean a soar throat, but I got to say this:
That's what she said.

Why do people say,"If you/they survive the end of the world in December..."? Even if it does happen it's the END OF THE WORLD! Not the end of one civilization or country, but every person and country will be obliterated and dead. That's what the END part means. Stop being stupid and saying you're going to survive and live to tell the tale. Amirite?

YouTube video thumbnailworld is NOT coming and that is why.

You wonder what the new conspiracy theory will be on December 22, 2012, amirite?
Sometimes, you like it in the shower, amirite?

That's what she said??

There's always that one kid that says something other than "here" when your teacher takes role, amirite?

Once, our teacher told us to say, "Present," and someone said, "Gift. NO, WAIT, I MEAN PRESENT!" XD

white kids: you're not really sure how to say "shawty" or "50 cent," so you avoid saying it when possible and kinda mumble something indistinct when it's unavoidable, amirite?

I'm Mexican and French and I avoid saying "gangster" ALL THE TIME...XD

At least once you've wondered why there isn't an E in the grading scale, amirite?

We have E's in the elementary not our middle school and high school though

People should be forced to wear mood rings- think about how much easier life would be, amirite?

Mood rings are based on the temperature of your body.

You have to give Britney Spears some credit for giving her two sons actual normal names, unlike most celebrities, amirite?

And this is probably why I have never heard their names.

it always seems to take forever to get that first kiss, amirite?

Yep, my friend always sits so close that our shoulders touch and he always plays with my hair and sits next to me all the time...I'm still waiting for him to make his move. Lol.

“He died, he came back, and now has legions of followers that worship him for almost no reason whatsoever.” - Edward Cullen's similarity to Jesus Christ, amirite?

Twilight sucks. End of story.

It's annoying when people say sorry after everything they do, amirite?

Well, sorry!

You hate it when someone wants something but only hints at it. Ex: You're eating some frenchfries they say, "Boy I wish I could have some frenchfries.", amirite?

My friends go, "Hey, you should share some of that with me, riiiiight?" And then nudges me with their elbow and smiles while nodding their head.