Student council elections are only a popularity contest, amirite?

All elections are popularity contests

If the wedding day is all about the bride then the wedding night should be all about the groom, amirite?
Pretty Boy Swag has got to be the stupidest song ever. How the hell is that considered 'music'?! amirite?

This...right my...swag

someone forgot their inhaler

'Fish' is an awesome word, amirite?

Fish is awesome period! :D haha

Womens tennis matches sound like lesbian porn, amirite?

don't you hate when you're trying to watch lesbian porn and your parents think it's a women's tennis match?

Fish look really silly, amirite?

AWWWWW love this (: haha

Saint Patrick: the patron saint of drinking lots of alcohol, amirite?

Saint Nick: the patron saint of pure sexiness?

This SaintNICK, not the real Saint Nick...

You can ask people who their favourite child film star is but as soon as you ask them who their favourite adult film star is, they start giving you weird looks, amirite?

I like Dixie Normous

On almost every microwavable food tray, it says the same thing- "Puncture cover, microwave on HIGH for __ minutes. Remove tray from microwave, stir thouroughly, replace cover, microwave on HIGH for __ minutes. Enjoy." amirite?

well what the fuck do you want it to say?
"hey, how are you doing? so if you want, you should microwave this for..._ minutes, but really it's up to you."

There's always that teacher who really isn't an awful person, but should defidently NOT be teaching, amirite?

For you it must have been your English teacher, because I have never seen such a horrific misspelling of "definitely" before.

If you think about it, Spanish is a pretty sexy language. For example: "Tengo hambre" means "I'm hungry," but translated back into english it basically means "I have hunger." That's pretty hot, amirite?
Unless they are specifically described otherwise, you imagine every main character in a book to be outragously attractive. Amirite?

Or I imagine that they resemble me.
Oh wait, same thing hello smilie

Percussionists are the cutest guys in the band. amirite?

Drummers are so sexy.

You wonder what the most likely song for someone to have on their iPod is, amirite?

yeah I put it on really loud and dance around to it in my room.



Sometimes using double (or more) negatives with stupid people is nice, because it keeps them quiet and occupied, thinking about what you really just said. amirite?
@fatima are you calling me stupid? haha

No, I wouldn't never ever not do that :P