About me.

hello, my name is Sally. I'm 14 years old which probably makes me younger than you and I really don't care. I am half English/half Danish and I live in Denmark. first off, let me tell you that I respect you until you give me reason not to.

life is not difficult, I believe it to be simple. some parts of it, anyway. I like simpicity, and I always try to express myself simply because I don’t think there's need for big words and metaphors all the time. and I definitely wouldn’t want anything going lost in communication because something I’ve said can be interpreted in 15 different ways, it just doesn’t seem logical.
I consider myself a realist but I'm not depressed which may contradict with what some think of a realist to be.
I dislike a lot of people, but I also love and admire a lot. I have an opinion about most things and I am always up for a good discussion (keyword being good). I am an atheist but I won’t ever tell you what to believe, so long as you do not tell me what I should believe. I find the fact that everything might just be a coincidence even more beautiful than the thought of there being a god. also, I have a lot of faith in the human mind, maybe even a bit of naivety.
reading, listening to music and watching films are some of my favourite pass-times. I would tell you my favourite books, musicians and films, but the list would get much too long to even keep track of. if I had any sense of creativity I would be a writer, but alas, I don't and thus have no idea what I want to do for a living. I kinda want to be a pilot because I'd like to fly but I doubt that I'll ever be able to afford an education as a pilot.
my avatar is a portrait Jean-Michel Basquiat did of Andy Warhol and I think it's genius.

I hope you’re happy, and that you have a nice day.

-my goodreads.com account. Friend me or whatever, if you have one.