Dudes, before you make her too angry, remember, females have more experience cleaning up blood stains, amirite?

Fuck Jmayrod, getting POTD as an anon

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There is a HUGE plot hole in a Little Mermaid. Hasn't Ariel ever heard of WRITING? I bet if she'd just calmly written the situation down in an explanation that Eric could understand, she could have saved herself a LOT of trouble, amirite?

That was the only thing that seemed unrealistic to you?

I put that "Take ten years off" make-up on my 9 and a half year old brother. I don't know where he went, but it might explain why my mom got fat and is acting like a bitch, amirite?
@Blearslyrarer With a knife.

Mr. Anthony, with the knife, in the observatory

Hey amiriters, I have a girlfriend who loves this site. I was going to propose to her tonight, but she had to go away on business. So, Ami Schaffer, Will you marry me? amirite?


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When I was younger, my mom would give me $1 to go to the store. I could get 12 eggs, bags of candy, a gallon of milk and box of tea. You can't now though, there are way too many security cameras. amirite?
it would be cool to for people to comment with just one word to form a story on the comments, amirite?

Once upon messup a time, Jesus said "Listen, I want everyone to eat their arms or jump on Ufelia the butterfly and bumgina hotpockets and after that swan combo-breaker into the depths of rainbow road pizza a large voluptious man smurf cat jumped into had babies away. Into on GerberChickens, the vagina potato. And then everybody died. THE END.

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There is probably no song in the whole wide world without the word "you" in it. amirite?

Taylor swift's "you belong with me"... wait!