You got me there.

Sometimes, you have to feel sorry for the moon. The sun is chillin' all day like, "HEY GUYS, SUP? LOOK HOW AWESOMELY BRIGHT I AM." Then it leaves for the night and the moon comes out like, "Hi—" "HEY, MOON, I THINK THEY COULD STILL USE A BIT OF ME, LET ME SHINE ON YOU." amirite?

And when the moon comes out, we're like "whatever I'm going to bed."

You would rather be blind than gay or lesbian, amirite?

I know this is a troll post, but I'm gay and I'm perfectly fine and content with it.

Forget 2012. On 4/8/15 at 16:23:42, we are all SCREWED, amirite?

Oh shit i never thought of that! Lost is my passion....

I think I just felt my brain melt out of my ears.

If you add the phrase "in my pants" to end of any popular song title, especially Black Eyed Peas' songs, you WILL laugh immaturely, amirite?

Feel my pants
Dude the Black Eyed Peas are my favorite band!

The music from LOST is amazing, amirite?

Lost is a brilliant show. Everything about it is incredible, including all the acting, the composition, the literary techniques that the writers use (plot twists, symbolism, juxtipisition, etc.), the plot.... Lost is my absolute favorite show that has ever been on television.

We wish that there was an 11 month, 3 weeks, and 6 days of summer vacation. amirite?

This sentence isn't parallel...

Carmel:peanut butter's sexy sister. Amirite?

Honey: Their sweet little cousin

The empty feeling you get when you finish reading an amazing book series, or when your favorite TV show comes to its end, is heart-wrenching, amirite?

Harry Potter and LOST!!!! :'(

One of the most frustrating things is when you have a debate with someone who doesnt know what thier talking about. If you dont care about the issue thats fine, but dont try to tell me im wronge if you dont know the topic well enough to defend it, amirite?

they're (you used the wrong "they're" and you spelled the one you did use wrong)
issue, (with a comma)

Set your device to 2.342 and make sure it oscillates at 11, amirite?

Lost - Episode 4X05: The Constant!

Its annoying how adults pronounce diabetes like 'dia-beat-is', when it should be pronounced dia-beat-ees', amirite?

Yeah, goddamn, I hate that too! I have type 1 dia-beet-eez and people should stop calling it the ghetto way

If you were born on say January 15, 2000, you would actually be 11 years old, not 10. amirite?

Holy fucking shit people are so stupid....and no offense, but some of you thought about it so hard that your brain hurts? Oh my god people. This just kinda made my day cuz it made me laugh really hard.

You'd be proud if you could recite the whole muffin-man scene from Shrek, amirite?

"Okay...I'll tell you...Do you know the muffin man?"
"The muffin man?"
"The muffin man."
"Yes, I know the muffin man...Who lives on Durey Lane?"
"Well...she's the muffin man."
"The muffin man?!"
"The muffin man!"
"She's married to muffin man?"