How come there are handles for hands, but no "footles" for feet, amirite?

There are pedals and ped means foot.

Someone offered me 26 diamonds, 26 hearts, 26 spades, 26 clubs, and 4 suits for just $1. An ok price for a deck of cards, amirite?

I don't get how anyone finds this clever

It sucks getting an event invitation on Facebook only to realize it's to attend "Valentines day" or "National hug day", amirite?

I think "lost phone need numbers" is worse

Song titles are much more amusing if you switch the word love with lunch. amirite?

We found lunch in a hopeless place

Well in interviews beyonce just calls jay-z jay

The difference between Martyrdom and suicide is press coverage, amirite?
A person who is nice to you but rude to the waiter or the janitor, is not a nice person. amirite?
@annie well, technically its from J.K Rowling. But I'm pretty sure it was Sirius Black.

It was definitely Sirius black. I was also going to post this quote. Yay for compatability!

What is longer than a 'mile'?

Literally millions of things

You hate those music artist who think they need to put their name in the lyrics of every single one of their songs, amirite?
there is a color/style of clothing you refuse to wear, amirite?

No rompers

If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad, amirite?

I'm not the kind of girl you take home!

The best movies have a non conventional plot structure, amirite?

Rocky horror picture show

Everything we eat used to be living, so vegetarians and vegans should stop saying meat is murder, because they are also murdering plants, amirite?
For all the College Comp. hate it when people mess with your pathos. amirite?

Let's not be pretentious... You don't hAve to be in college to know what pathos is

@TheVibeAlchemist Because that's a little extreme. And why would you say that to someone that was close friends with the person that died?

I guess it depends on how extreme the bullying was. And yes, they definitely shouldn't have said that to you. I can understand them feeling happy, but they shouldn't have openly expressed it