There's nothing wrong with being a vegetarian, amirite?
@ThisChick I like to help animals. I have saved them before, like nursed them to health. And I want to help in a shelter, but...

One: You're not a carnivore. You're an omnivore.
Two: Yes, you can be an animal lover and still eat meat. It's wonderful that you've saved animals in the past. However, there is hypocrisy in the fact that you love animals, and yet you continue to pay the companies that force mass amounts of animals to live short, miserable lives before savagely murdering them.

Dave matthews band.. The others probably don't have an identity anymore

Everyone who supported slavery was free. Everyone who supports abortion is alive, amirite?

That's just an awful argument. You've just stated two facts that have nothing to do with each other and aren't comparable. Of course everyone that is pro-choice is alive. Everyone that does anything is alive. That isn't an argument.

Men keep complaining about women being too complex and confusing, while women keep complaining about men being too complex and confusing. There seems to be a flaw in our communication, amirite?

How about we just treat each other like human beings rather than making ourselves a massive brick wall of awkward communication and confusion because of socially constructed gender?

I think random drug testing should be required in high schools when students start acting out. If we catch the problem early, we can stop it before they become addicted.

Line up my little sheep, if you act out you must be on drugs.

Chivalry died because feminists started saying, "I can open my own damn door."

Chivalry died because it was a gay idea in the first place. Women aren't children

Amirite ladies?!? Please sleep with me

If you knew you were dying in 60 seconds, what would your last words be?

Respect my beliefs in death and don't tell people I went to heaven and especially be honest about me at my funeral.

The "I can go fight in war so I should be able to drink alcohol" argument is dumb. It's like comparing apples to oranges. Alcohol can mess up an undeveloped brain. It's also stolen from an earlier time in American history, when they said it to lower the drinking age to 21 because they could be DRAFTED, not voluntarily go out to war. Stop using it as an argument, amirite?

Some people are financially forced to go fight because they have no money for education to get a decent job, and the military claims that it will pay for education (and often doesn't end up doing so.) Many people end up going to war because as 16-year-olds, they were approached by military recruiters with the skills of a salesperson, giving a distorted view of reality. This is also a time when the brain is undeveloped.

You can't wait to be really slutty with your future wife/husband, amirite?
@amiwhite Why do I have to wait for marriage for that? O.O

Well you see, to have a husband or wife, you must marry said person before they can carry that title. :P

People who love the Harry potter series complain about how long it takes for the next movie to come out but don't think about how star wars fan waited about 20 years for tr next ones to come out, amirite?
@I would have voted YYA on this, but your spelling/grammar are pitiful. Examples: Potter should be capitalized...

(Rose Weasley): Your grammar isn't much better my friend. "I would have voted YYA on this, but your spelling/grammar are pitiful."

"are pitiful", really now? Have you ever heard of subject-verb agreement?

The ability to speek does not make you intelligent, amirite?

But meesa speak!

I say no because of personal experience. I accidentally got pregnant because the condom broke, not because of rape, and I'm not emotionally prepared to go through pregnancy in college, let alone have a kid at 18. Plus it wouldn't be fair to my kid, not just because he'd have an irresponsible 18 year old mother, but because he'd be half cat.

If you're the only person in your household who is vegetarian, it probably is not doing much because the other members are still buying meat products and contributing to the industry, amirite?

Whether you live alone or with 100 other people, your transition still has the exact same effect on the industry.

Perhaps I am missing the point of the post.