Americans: it's kind of weird how much people from other countries know about the presidential election, because you rarely follow politics in other countries, amirite?

It's important to us this year especially, because although you may not notice it, but George Bush, like his father, fucked up the whole world and made a lot of enemies out there. So Obama first went to repair those alliances, because even if the us has the strongest military, china, Russia, France, and possibly Germany, as well as Al Qaida would be a very large threat in your weakened state. And he also worked very hard to help rebuild the world Bush destroyed just so he and Cheney could make money off weapons and oil. Maybe Obama hasn't done what you expected of him in your country, but sometimes helping other people is more necessary if they're suffering more than you. Romney would have continued the war, a war that had no cause originally, and pissed of many world leaders. Even though some of us may not like your country, we don't want a new world war, and so we really wanted Obama to be re-elected.
If you don't believe me, ask about 5 non Americans if they think Obama is doing a good job, in my experience, about 90% is quite satisfied.

You shouldn't give money to homeless people, if they want money they should get a job, if you want to help them you should help them get a job, but don't just give them cash, that won't really help them, amirite?

The problem is that since they're homeless, they don't have an address they can put in for the application and won't get a job for this. For the same reason, they can't get any welfare to buy or rent a place. And cash buys them food, which they need to live; you also need to be alive if you want a job. If they didn't need the money desperately, they wouldn't be begging, people are too proud to do it otherwise. I also once knew a homeless man who would put some of that money aside every day just so he could sign in as a guest at a local swimming pool to use the showers there. You also won't get that job if you stink. He didn't even get a place at the shelter most nights, because he ended up willingly giving his away to women and/or children. The point of this long story is, certain things are essential to get a job, and you need money for these things, and you need a job for money. If you see a homeless man begging, he probably has none of these, so maybe you should sacrifice a little bit and buy a drip coffee instead of a frappuccino, and give the poor guy the 2$ you saved. Who knows, maybe it pays for the first meal he's had in 3 days and you just saved his life

Mythbusters: If it isn't true, you blow it up instead then. amirite?

And if it is true: blow it up anyway

Homeless people should not have pets. amirite?

Actually, I know a homeless guy who has a dog, but he has her before he became homeless. Anyways, he always makes sure she gets food, no matter what happens to him. He once went a two weeks eating only what he could find on trees, so that he could take his dog to the vet. It might be hard for the dog, but I can't imagine a person who could love her more, and I'll bet he's not the only one like this

Your heart is kinda pounding to see who makes the 4000000th post, amirite?

it'll be me, no doubbt

Plastic bags actually use less energy to create/recycle than paper bags. This blows your mind, even if it's only slightly mind-blowing, amirite?

Paper uses less energy to recycle than plastic, so it evens out

Since English was created in England, it can be assumed that the English created it. If the English created English, then an English accent is the real 'no accent' way to speak English, amirite?

At the time it was created, they spoke differently than people do now, no matter what accent you speak, therefor, a "no accent English" no longer exists

John Frusciante's (former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist) new solo music is absolutely AMAZING, amirite?
@mmzznnxx Frusciante can do no wrong, get his whole discography. I will miss him in the Chili Peppers however.

I feel that as long as they still have flea, nothing's going to feel much different. He took lead over frusciante in many songs

It's pretty ironic when people in movie theaters cough to mask the sound of their crinkling cellophane because in order to mask that sound they need to be louder than the original sound - it defeats the purpose, amirite?

It's because caughing is excusable, sometimes it just can't be helped, whereas most people will be quite annoyed with you for opening you candy bag

You've always wanted to try head-butting someone, but you were too afraid of hurting yourself instead of the other person, amirite?

I did it once. The trick is to use the hardest part of your body (your forehead) on their nose, and it doesn't hurt.
But I was scared to hurt myself too

You've never seen someone that wasn't a cartoon character that had pointy boobs, amirite?

Bonnie from Kim Possible had quite round ones

You've never seen someone that wasn't a cartoon character that had pointy boobs, amirite?
@Satan Bonnie from Kim Possible had quite round ones

Nevermind, I read that wrong the first time

You've never seen someone that wasn't a cartoon character that had pointy boobs, amirite?
@Satan Bonnie from Kim Possible had quite round ones

Nevermind, I read that wrong the first time

Apparently most terrorists are told that 21 virgins will be waiting for them in heaven, but what makes them think they would go to heaven after killing all those people, amirite?

I learned that the Quran states that one who dies fighting for his religion and in the name of Allah, will be rewarded with eternal paradise and 72 virgins. So for them to kill those people is how they get into their heaven

Japan is clearly a fire type pokemon, its supereffected by earthquakes and tsunami's, amirite?

What about the volcanoes?