Two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer, amirite?
@asdijojioiojioxj Guess you've never seen the power of prayer. What a shame.

A thousand people can pray for my orgasm, but nothing works like a pair of hands!

Girls: just be thankful you aren't a chicken; hens have a period every day, amirite?
If you give a mouse a cookie, he will want a glass of milk. If you give a teenage boy a marker, he will draw a penis. Amirite?
Your mom regularly tells you to grow up and get a life, amirite?

Grow up and get a life?

If you choose to go into the army and get hurt, you deserve it, amirite?
Something interesting about the Harry Potter trio - all three could've easily fit into different houses. Hermione's got the intelligence to fight perfectly in Ravenclaw, Ron's undying loyalty could've placed him in Hufflepuff, and we know Harry could've been sorted into Slytherin, amirite?
@Astronaut_Will Ravenclaw's are clever. Hermionie was just book smart. There's a difference.

Hermione figured out Snape's logic potion puzzle, was able to hide her Time Turner all year, figured out how to destroy horcruxes, was skilled at learning magic quickly, knew to pack and get the trio ready to leave at a moments notice, can read other people really well, and stood against injustice and oppression. That's more than book smarts. That's being clever.

analyzing books in english class is stupid. amirite?

Kinda like doing calculations in math, or running in P.E.

It's too early to make jokes about the The Dark Knight Rises shooting, amirite?

Well, 12 people died. So we have to wait 12 days, right?

When you drink fruit juice you're basically giving a plant oral sex, amirite?
@laureneli23 Considering fruit are plant ovaries... no.

So if you pull off my genitals, blend them up and squeeze the juice out of them, then drink it, you're giving me a blow job??

No thank you.

An Asian without As is just a sin, amirite?
@Statefarm As first, I was like, "No, it's a SIAN." Then... then I realized.

I was taking out the AS so I got ian... Took me a second too.

The letter "c" shouldn't really be in the alphabet, the sounds from it either come from k or we could really just get rid of it, and it wouldn't make much of a difference, amirite?
@jasmineee123 But then how would we make the "ch" sound?

More importantly, how do why shorthand "see?" The whole Internet will collapse!

wanna make this the most popular amirite ever? LETS DO IT!!!!! amirite?

If you really hoped this would be the best post ever, you shouldn't have gone anon. Cuz if it did, you couldn't take any credit.

You should prepare for when your kids ask, “Where do babies come from?” by hiding babies all over your house, & when they ask, say “haha where don’t they come from!” and open all of your cabinets & then all of the babies crawl out, amirite?
Our parents: "In the event of a nuclear attack get under the desk and put your head between your legs." Us: "In the event of a bullied student with a gun pack yourselves into the corner farthest from the window." I wonder what our kids will be in danger from, amirite?

Future kids: In the event a nuclear robot with a laser gun should get pissed off and attack, hide behind someone you don't like because that's your only chance of survival.

Your dick is bigger than three inches, amirite?
@drhannah I'm a female.

I wonder how many guys NWed this.