It is weird to think that every part of your body, every bit of mass in it, was at one point in time food that you ate. Your hair, and thumb, and blood... it was in your throat before it was a part of you, amirite?

Oh so that part of you was in your throat twice

This is way more difficult to fix than you'd think, amirite?

Car's ruined. Time to buy a new one.

You can't claim to be against racism if you don't support homosexuals. People don't choose their skin color or where they're born, nor do they choose if they are attracted to the opposite or same sex, amirite?

Not really the same thing at all. Someone could think being gay is immoral whereas being a different race isn't. The only similarity is that they are born that way. However, being born a certain way isn't enough of a reason for that quality to be accepted. Some people are born more inclined to violent acts than other people, for example. Some people also don't even believe you're born gay. And it's impossible to change your race but it's possible to abstain from homosexual acts. They're also different in the way that one is based on sexuality whereas the other one isn't, and sexual morality is constantly debated. I'm not saying it's okay to hate or anything and I'm neither homophobic nor racist, but being against racism doesn't automatically mean you should be against homophobia and vice versa because the reasoning behind each one is very different.

It's possible for a girl to have a dress that shows off her curves, but still reminds people that she can read, amirite?

"Does this dress make me look illiterate?"

It's annoying when people have no sense of personal space, amirite?
Getting shampoo in your eyes is extremely irritating. amirite?

I think it's a pretty fucking wonderful feeling.

The mafia game in the forums is one of the best things about the new site, amirite?

People who agreed: People who played mafia

People who disagreed: People who didn't play mafia

Solution? Everyone should play mafia!

@BigTRex I thought they put thru to appeal to their uneducated customers

"Hey Betty.. What's that word right there? Drive.. Therouh?"
"I don't know Mike, I think it's one of those fancy people words."

Never say "oops". Always say "Ahhh, interesting". amirite?

AAAhhhh interesting, I did it again!

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People who say "not necessarily" are usually nerds, amirite?

Not necessarily.

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In the Harry Potter series, why didn't somebody just use a timeturner and kill Tom Riddle? amirite?

We've got to go back! Hand me the time turner! Excellent, now, by my calculations, if we're to go back to 1937, when tom turned 11, from the present time, 1980, with one hour's time reversal for each turn, we shall need to turn this timeturner a total of 464,280 times! Let's go!

One........Two........Three.........Four.........Five.......Six..........Seve- Oh, fuck it! Let's just hope some prophesied chosen one comes along and takes him out or something.

You hate when you're trying to say something serious but it rhymes without you even trying, and now you just look like a poetic hipster who feels like crying, amirite?
If you were a student at Hogwarts, you'd totally start singing "We're Off to See the Wizard" when sent to the headmaster's office, amirite?

I leap out of the way of your killing curse and counter with SUPER EXPELLIARMUS! It's like regular expelliarmus, only SUPER-IER!

It's pretty hard to find a knock-knock joke that's actually funny. amirite?

Knock knock.

Who's there?


To who?

To whom*.

Love this one(: It's best when you do it to an english teacher and they get pissed at you for correcting their grammar

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