Best word for hangman: Rhythms

Also, Four is difficult for some reason.

On a related note: new way to play hang man. Go behind someone and put your arm around there neck. Everytime they guess a letter wrong tighten your arm around their neck. When they get a letter right loosen it a little. People start freaking out. Fun times

In your head, you have this idea that you're not socially awkward, but then you actually attempt to have a conversation with someone you don't know very well, and you realize you shouldn't even bother... Amirite?

Last night I was talking to this cute guy and my mom wasn't home yet so I was like oh she's probably out killing midgets.. When he didn't reply I was like.. Oh but I didn't see any blood when she came home so I guess not. When he still didn't reply I was like oops I didn't mean to scare you off haha my mom doesn't normally kill midgets in her free time.
Wtf is wrong with me..? facepalm

Fat people shouldn't laugh. Who the fuck are they fooling pretending that their actually happy. amirite?

Laughing burns calories so they should probably laugh more

stupid home work

I'm on spring break bitch

You hate it when people use 'half' to mean the same thing as 'less than all', amirite?

I'm half Cherokee, half Irish, half Mexican, half Canadian, half Guatemalan, half Russian and half Ethiopian.

The Kardashians may be talentless losers, but those juicy titles on the covers of magazines still tempt you to read about them, amirite?

I read juicy titles as juicy titties..

Even if Aladdin didn't have nipples or fingernails, he was still the most attractive (animated) Disney man, amirite?

Are we counting recent disney men also? because Flynn Rider is quite sexy

Oh an emo girl's facebook

Unless you bedazzle them with dirt and age

Heroin is a good way to stay skinny, amirite?
@Suzywao But you'll die with thighs that don't touch. Worth it.

Laughed so hard that this. Well not really.. But compared to my normal internet laughs, this was big

Science should always be expressed in terms of probability and never absolute certainty, amirite?
@saxybandgeek As should religion

Religion is religion. Science is science. The end

If a 9 year old girl designed the flag of the United States, amirite?

Or a gay man. But instead of pink it would be rainbow and instead of a unicorn it would be a penis

Some people really need to consider the importance of protecting their skin from sun more. Oh, your awful sunburn will turn into tan? Well, you know what else it can turn into? Skin cancer. amirite?
These BFF necklaces are so much better than the traditional half-hearts, amirite?
@macandcheesemuncher Oh my gosh the Oreo one is so genius!

Especially if your two best friends are black and you're white

Dogs are cute. amirite?