Girls: your first experience with a tampon was not a good one, amirite?
@death_or_glory My mom put mine in for me.

That must have been awkward as hell...

China has so many people it's not even a country anymore, it's a continent. A lot of people won't want to accept this because they can't handle change but technically its true. amirite?

Antartica is a continent. No people live there.

Even if Aladdin didn't have nipples or fingernails, he was still the most attractive (animated) Disney man, amirite?

Are we counting recent disney men also? because Flynn Rider is quite sexy

Our education system is less about learning than it is about superficially showing that we've learned something. Standardized tests are proof of this. You get shoved a whole textbook of factoids,and then you regurgitate it all in a three hour test at the end of the year. Rarely are we taught the significance and purpose of what we learn; we learn just to show that we've learned. Our educational system goes for the cheap-shot quicky: here's a fact. Memorize it. Repeat it. This is education. amirite?

Someone asked my math teacher when we would use what she was teaching and she was like never but I have to teach it for the test

Guys: When you were a senior in high school you and your friends would try to see who could have sex with as many freshman girls before graduation, amirite?
@Woah, I slept with two senior guys when I was a freshman girl... I didn't know this was a thing.

Freshmen shouldn't be having sex with anyone.. Gross.. I'm a senior and I haven't even slept with anyone

Fat people shouldn't laugh. Who the fuck are they fooling pretending that their actually happy. amirite?

Laughing burns calories so they should probably laugh more

Unless you bedazzle them with dirt and age

Billy Rae Cyrus is one horrible father. His daughter isn't even legal yet and she's already acting like a slut. I mean, what kind of father let's their child do those things? amirite?

Well she's 19 now.. so a year ago she would be 18.. and legal

It doesn't make sense that it is OK in today's culture to make jokes about prison rape, whereas joking about any other type of rape is regarded as horrible and taboo. Prison rape is just as awful and traumatizing and should not be joked about, amirite?

I make jokes about any rape

You know you're short when you have to use your hip to push the "knee pad" at the grocery store. amirite?

This is the only kind of knee pad I know of and you wouldn't push one at the grocery store..

It's ridiculous how many people were pissed off that a black man is playing Cinna in The Hunger Games. God forbid there be any black people in future America, especially one that is described as being quiet and calm! amirite?

This has nothing to do with this post, but I'm going to see it today and I'm fucking excited

Even if you're not offended by them, dead baby jokes are almost never funny, amirite?

What gets louder as it gets smaller? A baby in a trash compactor.

China has so many people it's not even a country anymore, it's a continent. A lot of people won't want to accept this because they can't handle change but technically its true. amirite?
You don't understand why people who enjoy the Amanda Show or Drake and Josh hate on iCarly and Victorious. All of the shows were made by the same person, and the humor is pretty much the same. Amirite?

I think we would like them if we were kids today but we say we like the amanda show and drake and josh now because of the nostalgia factor

In your head, you have this idea that you're not socially awkward, but then you actually attempt to have a conversation with someone you don't know very well, and you realize you shouldn't even bother... Amirite?

Last night I was talking to this cute guy and my mom wasn't home yet so I was like oh she's probably out killing midgets.. When he didn't reply I was like.. Oh but I didn't see any blood when she came home so I guess not. When he still didn't reply I was like oops I didn't mean to scare you off haha my mom doesn't normally kill midgets in her free time.
Wtf is wrong with me..? facepalm