About me.

It says I'm online all the time- ignore that. Technical difficulties
I found out that I can turn off the "show others if you are online" feature! No more mechanical complications!
Today my first post ever was deleted. Now my first post is wrong :( What luck, amirite?
Im a guy
I have opinions
I like cats
Soccer is pretty cool
If you cant tell, Im american
Who cares if I still like Pokemon?
Ke$ha is a disgrace, not a role model
Still waitin on my POTD...
Because my posts are great
Im writing in choppy lines
Because its cool, I think
And it will annoy my English teacher
Did you know that blue eyes are a genetic mutation?
Message me about ANYTHING.
Dont wory its cool
And now for more in a less annoying format. I like fun, friends, laughing, and messing with bitchy people, which seem to be abundant in my school. Everyone has a different opinion of me, which is weird because Im one person. One who likes wrestling and cats and hiking and guitar. I think rain is so soothing, and sleeping is pretty nice as well. I say "slice of gum" instead of "piece", which annoys people. I like the smell of burning stuff, except rubber and plastic. I have an intense stutter when I'm nervous. I might start getting into video hocus pocus and what not. Wow, did I really just say hocus pocus? I also am a fan of climbing things. I was in the paper in kindergarten for standing on monkey bars. If you ever see me in a store, I'm probably standing there cycling through scented candles like a freak. I love watching football (Go Patriots!) Winter is my favorite season. I just love it. And thats about it. I love talking so message me whenever.
See ya
-Hall of Fame-
Kirsti- My favorite oboeist!
xxharrypotterfreak16- Clearly not a twihard
MB20forever- My best amirite friend whether I like it or not
fieldhockey216- A sportsy girl, and a fellow lefty
xomarionxo- A vegas dweller
PowerSerg- Crude and crass when demanding his spot here :)
Blupeace123- Shes just awesome
pilaf- PILAAAAAFFF!!!! (rage!)
reemalol- oh hi there malol!
ILiketoNyan- Me in girl form, or so I'm told
whatisthisfuckery- some questions simply cannot be answered...
Crobat- OMG CROBAT? my idol
You_go_glen_coco- that was a pain to type. cool user though
Reality- a triplet! i feel honored
TheSexyWaffle-True that
AllSmiiiless, fieldhockeychick77, TinyNinja, EmptyMelodies, Bored_Girl, and mrow- Im sorry it took so long to add you all. If I ever meet you I'll give you all the money in my pocket.
dairyluv- The first to comment on my resemblence of Joseph Gordon-Levitt

shlebzilla and TheresAnAppForThat are simply rule breakers ...
If you read this far, send me a message with the word "lemon" and get a special prize and added to the HOF!