Staying up late for no apparent reason just finding random things to read online or chatting when you know you have to be up early, feels like shit the next day. amirite?

Oh man story of my life. I need to stop doing that...

Even if they don't notice most people cock their heads when their confused, amirite?

I do it when I'm confused, concentrating, didn't hear what someone said, typing something, texting, or reading. I'll catch myself doing it all the time.. it's a pretty blonde thing to do

Aw, that WOULD hurt... sucks, man

Screw what others say about me, it's alright to be 13 and not have a girlfriend, amirite?

I'm 13, never had a bf... I would have if my crush liked me back but whatever. Haha it's fine, I'm still young :)

Secret Santas are fun, until you find out that the person who had you decided not to get you anything, amirite?

I've never had a good secret santa... two years in a row, same guy got me. Not fun.

I realize that by trolling, this site will become just like MLIA and FML. I will now hang up my troll hat and become a member of this community. Good luck everyone. amirite?

THANK you.

It's frustrating when your crush is dating someone else, amirite?
@incedio And when you know they would be a lot more happier with you >:[

And when you know the person they're dating doesn't like them as much as you do :[

It sucks when you open up to people and then they ditch you like you're nothing. amirite?

The girls I know are such douchebaguettes and they make it seem like I'm the one doing something wrong... yes I would like some cheese with my whine

Nobody cares about Cambodia's population, amirite?

WOW wait am I stupid? Did this say Canada before or am I just tired?

Nobody cares about Cambodia's population, amirite?

Hey. That's mean. Canada pwns.

Turtles are great, amirite?

Especially ones drawn in chat rooms.

Orange juice with pulp has more texture, and it's more enjoyable to drink than orange juice without pulp, amirite?

I dislike pulp

When it comes to condoms, put two on, amirite?

Ahahaha Asher Roth.

WTF Blanket is a fantastic name for a Snuggie, amirite?
WTF Blanket is a fantastic name for a Snuggie, amirite?

My innocence! covers eyes