You don't know anyone from North Dakota, any important event that ever happened in North Dakota, or any famous monument from North Dakota, amirite?
"Error 45235. Please Try Again." Ohh yeah, error 45235, I hate that one. I know exactly what happened. No big deal. amirite?

If it is i'm real sorry; I searched before I posted it and I haven't seen one like it before.

Dear Taylor Swift, ... great song and everything, but umm why did you start high school when you were fifteen? I don't think I was that old... amirite?
@StephanieIsMe People with summer birthdays right before school starts! Some of my friends got their permit before high school started

Everyone I know started high school when they were 13 or 14- They started turning 15 in January of that year. Maybe it's different where you live though!

Psychiatric hot line: If you have OCD, press 1 repeatedly. Co-dependent, ask someone to press 2. MPD, press 3-9. Schizophrenic, hold on, we know what you want. amirite?

We talked about this at my church! Hahaha

The first time you have an anxiety attack is really scary, amirite?

They're scary every time, even when you have an anxiety disorder (and so almost expect them).

There are only three things that no one will ever be able to take from us; our faith, our hopes, and our love but the best of these is by far love. amirite?

1 corinthians <3

Sometimes it's not about Cinderella getting her slipper back, but it's the fact the Prince picked up the slipper at all, amirite?


It's so irritating when the person in front of you is walking just slow enough to be aggravating but fast enough that it would be difficult to pass them, amirite?
A big difference between books/movies and real life is that in fiction you normally don't find multiple people with the same name, where in reality you might know five Davids or three Marys, amirite?

An Abundance of Katherines

When you are texting a crush you "set them up" so they can, perhaps, compliment you. amirite?

But it's way better when they do it out-of-the-blue. :)