June 25th is going to be Paris's Gay Pride celebration. It's most likely going to be the highest collection of gay people in France in one place since the day before, amirite?

The above are correct. Jimmy Fallon said it on Weekend Update.

Sorry, I was mistaken earlier and had forgotten to give credit again.

Johnny Bravo would totally score with Snooki, amirite?

When asking another person to have a threesome with them, he'd say "Do the Monkey with me!".

Wet dreams should be called snoregasms, amirite?

Sex with a prostitute should be called a whoregasm.

It's ridiculous how many 'friends' the Pawn Stars have. Don't know if this is an actual hammer that was made in 1943? I'll call up my buddy Dwight and find out! amirite?

Dwight values it at $200? I can only do $30, at most.

My new sexual position is called 'The Osama... I burst into the bedroom & shoot my load on her face! amirite?

And it takes you 10 years to do it?

Randomly purchasing 32 watermelons and then eating 17 of them isn't normal, but on math it is, amirite?

ROTD sounds more like an STD.

Sometimes you wonder if the author knew they were using a paradox, metaphor, synecdoche, parallelism, litotes, and zeugma, or if your teacher is just reading too much into it. amirite?
Drug dealers should make a drug called Homework so that parents can't complain their children aren't doing it, amirite?
@We should rename sex "homework".

I guess the kids on 16 and Pregnant were trying to get extra credit then, huh?

I think the reason why Google added that Incognito Tab to its browser, and who will use it, is obvious. amirite?

That spy man has seen things he'll never be able to unsee.

It be cool to meet the person who looks the most like you in the world, amirite?

That would be one sexy person hello smilie


Oh man, now I'm kinda sad I missed it :P

I missed the first one...what was it?

Adding 'casserole' to the end of a dish makes it sound way less appetizing, amirite?
All the pictures that have been and will be taken are already available on your screens. It's simply a matter of arranging the pixels properly, amirite?
@WolfeDeWary Go fuck a cactus you prick!

The prick will get pricked while fucking the cactus then.

An apple a day may keep the doctor away but not the emergency room. Stupid eating disorders, amirite?
@astral_queen I swear. If this "not too many comments" bit keeps up, I'm throwing a baby into the sun.

Teletubbies taught me that there's already a baby in the Sun, and he's doing fine, so it won't accomplish much.