@DanielJames But they should be plausible. And, Thank*

It's not thank. It's think. Reread before posting.

@DanielJames Name a single instance in which this example occurred

Do you not know what an example is? I'm saying it didn't happen, but it can.

I just balanced it at 8339!

My eyes are dark brown, but when I cry they turn dark green.

It always happens to me, and I always think someone hacked my account because I never remember voting on it.

The Vegetable that the other person that about was a person that can't do anything. Can't walk, talk, move, etc. People like that are called a vegetable because they're stiff.

It made me vomit one day. But I still eat Beefononis'.

I hate that. Then when I ask for the date they just say something like, "Thursday of November." I don't even bother asking anymore.

Well some people have a hard time spelling.

@wobbuffet Are you serious? It's "dying".

Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry for that super tiny mistake! I think the world is going to die now.

Acne can't kill people.