@I'm glad someone is like me! I try and show everyone respect and my friends get really mad sometimes because they...

It's fustrating ya? I also want people to take me seriously. If I talk all disrespectful and junk, then people won't take me seriously. They should realize that too.

@Oh I know, it's just pathetic that people put aside manners and grammar so they can sound ignorant and rude.

Agree. Nobody has respect anymore. I say May instead of Can, and please and thank you evey time someone does something for me, and people always ask why I talk politly and I say because I'm actually showing people respect.


I don't buy my pictures no more. $35 just for ten pictures? No way. I buy my spring pictures though.

Ahah this made me really laugh. I favorited this post.

@MLIA_is_better I only like this because you said frekin'.

Ok but what does it have to do with the post? Just wanting to know.

@Hellotharr123 I know! It's like, "seriously, why do you even tell me about dinner if it's not going to be ready until a half and...

I know right! Also, when you ask if dinner is done they say in a little while, then you ask again in 10 minutes and they say in a little while again, and they keep saying it. I think they like to torture us.

I really hate that. An hour seems like a whole day too.

@I am in 7th grade, and I think it's pathetic when people in my grade are like this. I remember I was in the locker...

It is pathetic, and I agree with you so much. A relationship is more than just hugging and see eachother, and they don't realize that. Wait until they get older.

I'm sure not afraid. You should see how I go to school. People always say that I'm lucky to have the courage to show my personality, and they compliment me. So don't be afraid.

um like no. If you don't like my post then why do't you be matue enough to stop commenting and leave it alone?