About me.

Helloo everyone! I'm Jessica AKA Scones.

I'm 14, and I draw. I usually draw in a manga style, but I really enjoy landscapes too! I spend a lot of my free time drawing, reading fanfiction and watching videos on YouTube.

I also play some games, but not too much variety. I mainly play Terraria & Minecraft. I spend most of my free time on YouTube watching game commentators. My favorite game commentators (or LPers or whatever you wanna call them) are the Creatures, and the guys on the Mindcrack server.

I'm 1/2 Black, and 1/2 Filipino. I wear glasses and I have curly/frizzy dark brown hair. I'm 5'6, and I'm fat. Not like 200 pounds fat, but still pretty fat. I have dark brown eyes and light brown skin. I don't really straightened my hair too often or wear make up.

And I'm also the quiet-but-funny in my group of friends. For the sake of being..pro-profiler... I probably didn't type out any innuendos above~

General Q&A~

Favorite Food: Garlic bread and noodles
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Game: I suppose it's Minecraft at the moment
Favorite Sport: Volleyball
Favorite Show: BBC Sherlock(CHEEKBONES) or New GIrl
Favorite Artists: Simple Plan or Anarbor

I'll add on later :P

~Don't be a scrub, Scones! :D