About me.

I, Scorpius Malfoy am the son of the racist and mudlood-hater, Draco Malfoy. I attend Hogwarts school of witchcarft and wizardry, (which is not on Mars) as my father says that rocketships are only for muggles but my choice of school is PIGFARTS (which IS on Mars.)I am enimies with Albus and James Potter, but I am going out with their friend Rose Weasley so I surpose one day we will be forced to be friends, or at least stop jinxing each other in the corridors. But don't tell my father! Rose's mother is muggle born. My father despises muggles. I am a slytherin, But unfortunatly, Rose is in Gryffindoor. Also Albus and James are too, which makes it even worse. I have a firebolt and I play seeker on the slytherin team but we always get beaten by Gryffindoor because of the Potter brothers.