Matter is eternal, and it exists today in a temporal world. Something that exists outside of time (definition of eternal) cannot live inside time, because then it'd have to have a beginning, and eventually an end, yet matter has not a beginning, as it is eternal: That would violate the philosophical Law of Identity, with a and ONLY a equaling a. Either the world is spiritual, or it shouldn't exist, amirite?
@B10ckH34d i hope I have cleared up everyone's questions, and proven everyone right or wrong here. if you don't believe me, go...

I have found these explinations vastly interesting, could you suggest some online reading material for younger years? I feel I am much younger than the others to comment on this post.

It's amazing how one letter can completely change a word. Cook => Cool. Hound => Sound. Mice => Mace. Clock => ..... Amirite?

haha fail! if clock was changed to the intended meaning it would say coock

You live in Australia, amirite?

yepp definitley

Nobody cares about American Idol anymore, amirite?

Nobody ever cared about american idol, yours sincerely the rest of the world

There is no proper and non-childish way to say cookie. amirite?

circular deliciousness?

Anthony works on amirite, plannin the POTDay. Someone left a note on his profile; it says “lolz ur site sux ok?" Ah, but dealin with trolls can give him a heart attack. He oughta know by now. Who needs all the trolls when you have mods, even if they aren’t paid in money? And it seems such a waste of time, but that’s what amirite’s about. You homepage 50 posts and then you run out, amirite?

pretty cool anthony favourited this

If what you feared most was a boggart, then wouldn't the boggart turn into its original form, therefore allowing itself to be seen? amirite?

post 458382 is practicly the same :(

If your point is worth fighting, it's worth amiriting, amirite?
You don't like cats, amirite?
You don't like peaches, amirite?

yah well Idontlikeyou

You would never live in austrailia cause you can't imagine Christmas without cold weather/snow, amirite?

Mate I live in Australia and I love it

Anthony! Is that your om-nom-nomish sour cream cat? amirite?

If You dont know what I'm talking about: up, up, down, down, left right, left, right, b, a.

The best way to quickly end a story: "And everyone died, THE END." amirite?

That would have been a GREAT ending for twilight...

You show me a piano falling down a mineshaft and I will show you A flat miner. amirite?
Harry Potter was the worst series ever created and JK Rowling should die, amirite?

This is a horrible post, but physically, JK Rowling should die some day, seeing as I don't think se has a philosepher's stone..... but Harry Potter will LIVE ON FOREVER