About me.

I've decided that I quit; I'm done, I'm through. 
I'm glad for those who talked to me, be it God, horses, or crew. 
So much disdain, anger, persecution, a man can only take,
Till he is forced to fold, before numbers untold, fighting to bring him down. 
I am weary; I am ragged, yet valiant did I fight, 
Who could've foreseen the conclusion of my desperate plight?

You all, Amirite Community, a worthy find indeed,
Never forget me, this I now plead.
I've badgered and I\'ve angered, refusing to concede, 
Yet my fame grew, like a budding seed. 

Nobody drove me away; I've not been ousted,
Simply, my time has come and gone. 
I'm done here; bye all, bye few, 
Pray to God, for He sent His Son to die for YOU!