@And guess who got Voldemort's number?

I'm onto you, Ninja Lord Voldemort!

@The best part? We're fifteen.

I take that as an acceptable excuse.

Today, I faced possibly the most serious dilemma of my 15 year old life: whether to buy a 101 Dalmations, Sesame Street, or Mickey Mouse colouring book. You should've seen the look of shoppers passing by as I sat staring the three books down, in the middle of the aisle. My life isn't average, I'm a fucking weirdo. amirite?

I hate MLIA. Everything is fake and gay.

A woman didn't come home one night. The next morning she told her husband that she spent the night with a friend. Her husband called her 10 best friends; none of them knew about it.
A man came home one night. His wife called his ten best friends. 8 said he stayed over, and two claimed he was still there, amirite?
@Wow this is a stupid post. It barely even makes sense.

(Your+name+(optional)): Did you read the first comment? If you did, then I cannot cure stupidity.

Holy shift! Look at the mother-function on that asymptote! amirite?

It's "Look at the asymptote on that mother-function."

As in fake-cursing... ono smilie

Snow is the only time when a girl is pleased by four inches, amirite?

No. A credit card with no limit would do the trick.

The best kind of Tourette's Syndrome is when you randomly say polite things; "Hey do you know what time it...YOU LOOK VERY PRETTY TODAY!" amirite?


Eggs are basically chicken abortions, amirite?

Oh my goodness, really? I'm ashamed of our education.

The eggs are unfertilized. It's a chicken's menstruation, not a baby, moron.

Big boobs dont count if you're fat, amirite?
I hate how mainstream and famous the miners have become. They were better when they were a bit more underground. amirite?
Guys' bathrooms are much more efficient than girl's. Y'all take like five minutes, and we're in and out, amirite?
@I thought you are a grammar nazi. Why would you say y'all?

Y'all is a perfectly semi-legitament contraction used by southerners.

People who say Anthony shouldn't be posting and commenting back to people are just... I dunno, it's pretty fucking awesome that he interacts with us, amirite?
"I know she reads all MLIA posts everyday so I'm going to ask her here. _______ Will you marry me?" Seriously? It's like impossible to read all of them, she'll NEVER SEE IT! And you must be a real big pussy for not asking her in person. amirite?

I'm proud to say I read every MLIA for six months. Every single one.

Did I say proud? I meant depressed.