A lot of people criticize Obama, calling him a dark-skinned socialist who gives away free healthcare. I think they might be confusing Obama with Jesus, amirite?

I don't think him being dark-skinned has anything to do with him being a socialist. He could be purple with pink polka dots and I still wouldn't like his agenda. And actually I don't think he wants to convert our country to socialism, I think he wants us to be a monarchy so he can be king.

Google looks awesome today, amirite?

There's a lot of colored balls that spell out google, but when you put your cursor on them, they scatter.

Do you go into Toys R Us and tell the manager that "are" is misspelled? Then quit it with the "amirite misspelled right"! amirite?

Sorry, I didn't catch yours.

It's stupid when people continue to not beleive in something even after they have been irrefutabley proven wrong like the people who don't think we landed on the moon or people who don't think Obama was born in Hawaii, amirite?

What proof do we have that Obama was born in Hawaii?

It sucks that they only play "the big bang theory" once a week. amirite?

Buzzinga! :)

So true. We already have oxygen bars.

If it wasn't possible to snack and surf the net at the same time, we'd all be skinny. amirite?

Hello. . . do you know what a joke is? I happen to be skinny too.

Life would be so boring without scary movies, porn and bubble wrap, amirite?
Look down your shirt and spell attic. amirite?

A tt i see

You should never rejoice over an enemy's death; they were someone's brother, someone's son, and someone's friend, amirite?

When the number of people that your dead enemy murdered is exponentially higher than the number of friends and relatives he had, it's okay to rejoice! Besides, we aren't rejoicing over his death, we're rejoicing over the number of people that will not be dying by his hand now. May he be enjoying all of his virgins as we speak. I only hope that they're big, hairy, nasty male virgins!

Being a white, middle classed male sucks. You can't get a scholarship, you're automatically considered an asshole, and everyone else thinks they have a right to treat you like shit because decades ago your ancestors treated their ancestors like shit, amirite?
@foreigners undoubtebly have a harder time with not knowing the language the people or how most things work in a...

Minorities may have it bad as far as how they're treated by individuals, but our country as a whole, especially under the current administration, are definitely more concerned with giving privileges to the minorities rather than caucasians and even legal immigrants. If I were a minority, I would "suck it up" and be grateful for the government's handouts (including free scholarships) instead of bitching about individual racists. And let's not forget that there is such a thing as reverse discrimination!

Today, if Dorothy encountered men with no brains, no hearts, and no courage, she wouldn't be in Oz, she'd be in congress, amirite?

My daughter came in from school one day and told me the political meanings. I was stunned. It was so obvious once she explained it, but I would've never figured it out myself.

masturbation. everyone does it, and if you say you don't... you're a liar! (: amirite?

Some of us have real, living & breathing partners and don't have to masturbate.

Are you good at grammar? Is it two plus two IS five, or two plus two ARE five? amirite?

Come on people! It's a joke! :) I can count all the way to twenty-two with my shoes off. lol

You "asked" him; you did not "axed" him. Come on; say it with me. . . ASKED, amirite?

That's fine. My family says "it'nt" instead of "isn't" 'cause it's easier. Yep, we're rednecks. lol