USA is the best beacuse they beat spain months ago, amirite?

Teams have lucky days and unlucky days

Sims is stupid, amirite?
Wall-E was the most boring animated film ever made. amirite?
The Sims 2 was better than the Sims 3, amirite?
I haven't watched or read Twilight or New Moon. You haven't either (I hope not), amirite?

read it and watched's not that bad. Those people just overreact.

Guys: Convincing a girl she's beautiful is one of the hardest things to do, amirite?

It depends on the kind of girl, some worship themselves and others have low self esteem


this is gonna be deleted soon

My friends are twelve year olds, they hate Disney and are act okay when they fail in school, they find it odd I have never been on a date or had a crush and hate lion King. They need therapy and a brain. amirite?
@LeoEckman That's very depressing >.>

I hate my generation, people act so spoiled.

What ever happened to that show Phil of the Future, amirite?
In the big Twilight vs. Harry Potter debate, Stephen King isn't even considered, amirite?

A: If you mean he is a good writer, I disagree
B: People always use that when they argue against Twilight.

All the disney stars eventually go bad. look at Britney Spears(the mickey mouse club), Vanessa Hudgens, and now Miely Cyrus, amirite?

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are not bad and they both have their goals straight. They both wear purity rings and don't flash it like Miley does to her giant diamond purity ring.

You can play the sims for a week straight being totally obsessed, then you'll get sick of it and forget about it. However 6 months later, it becomes an obsession again, but only for a little while. amirite?

I was addicted for 8 months

Harry Potter fans are nothing like Twilight drones. We have one side and are all peaceful...more than we can say for Team Edward and Jacob. amirite?
@gameboy5 ....I'm not a movie.

all I'm saying is that some fans like you are douches and some fans are normal

Wall-E was the most boring animated film ever made. amirite?
Wall-E was the most boring animated film ever made. amirite?