Anger is like a spider in a jar: you feel more-and-more anxious the longer you think about it. It is best just to take it outside and let it go.

Random but do you know what kind of spider that is?

You'd think the kids in How I Met Your Mother would at least know their mother's first name and realize instantly when Ted met her, amirite?
@Len I don't think my joke was that bad.

Calling someone a heartless sex act is hardly funny. That would be like if you bought an ice cream cone for a kid and a total stranger ran up and said, "he's probably latose intolerant you sick shithag."

Youth is wasted on the young, Or, Youth is awesome! Don´t be so bitter just cause you don´t have it :D, amirite?
Women are generally more attractive than men, amirite?

Yeah, i agree - but the guys who are hot seem to do it effortlessly

In Book of Genesis, God wasn't angry at Adam and Eve for eating the forbidden fruit, he was angry that they didn't own up to it. He didn't banish them for disobeying him, he banished them not taking responsibility or ownership of their actions, amirite?
@Madie If they did not have the knowledge of good and evil prior to eating the fruit, then how were they supposed to know...

That's always been my big problem with the story - it's like disowning your baby because they touched the stove. Yes you said "No don't touch that it's hot" but It's not like the little bugger even knows what the concept of burnig heat is.

Blink is one of the best episodes of Doctor Who, amirite?

I enjoyed the episode, but it kinda irritated me - was it ever explained why these Weeping Angels actually kill you when in the first episode they just sent you back in time?

Whenever you get stuck behind someone who's driving really slowly, you refer to the driver as "Grandma" even though you have no idea who's in the car, amirite?

Actually I like to call them " Princess" but I agree with the gist of what ur talking about

You just noticed that you can change the background color of this website, amirite?

You can do that?

Lately it seems like movie directors have gotten lazy. They fill a movie with random shit that may or may not have been imagined, never explain anything, and then the "twist" ending is that the person was insane, amirite?

Thats usually a problem more with the script than the director

Why are girls like “oh it’s december i need a boyfriend to keep me warm” no, you can buy a coat like the rest of the single people, amirite?

During winter, I always use under my armpits near my boobs as mittens

Television news should have more goodnews. there should be a balance. There are good things happening too. instead of just terrifying people by showing them how bad the world is, add some happiness and give the world some hope... amirite?

You really should watch Philip DeFranco on youtube, he always has a very lovely balance of newsie type stuff and awesomeness. Seriously, look him up!

It would be pretty cool if we all had symbols above our heads that everyone could see that expressed our current emotions, amirite?

Omg a preteenage girl's symbol would just be this clusterfuck of faces because half the time girls rarely can explain what's going on in their own heads

We would all be screwed if we needed a special handicapped permit to use the handicapped bathroom stalls like we need special permits for the handicapped parking spaces, amirite?

It is awkward as hell though, when you want out of the only one in the bathroom and a person in a wheelchair is patiently waiting for you all like, "No don't worry about it dickbreath, I bet it was REAL important for you to steal the only bathroom that lil' ol' crippled me can use."

I have to apply a moist ointment to my groin every night. That's the grossest sentence you've ever read. amirite?
I have to apply a moist ointment to my groin every night. That's the grossest sentence you've ever read. amirite?

it would've been 30% grosser if you had said "I have to apply a moist ointment to my grandfather's groin every night."