If you're 6 feet under you're also 41.8 million feet under. amirite?

What? Explain please.

Your favourite meal might be someone else's last meal, amirite?
It's a good thing meat tastes better once it's cooked to kill bacteria. amirite?

Homer voice " ummmmm super bacteria, arrraahghh"

The sense of life is running from death, amirite?

I feel the sense of life is being so close to death it's teasing you but you never quite get that sweet relief, until you do

It is theoretically possible for the corona virus to completely wipe out humanity, only to continue evolving over the next billion years into multicellular life, more and more complex until it has become the next conscious advanced life form on earth. amirite?
Everything we touch in public is probably going to be made out of copper and brass in the next few years because it self-disinfects. The near future is going to look kind of steampunk. amirite?
The Harry Potter series would have ended pretty quickly if someone brought a gun, amirite?
Maybe some people can't find their soulmate cause they don't have a soul. amirite?

I sold mine for a mmpr megazord when I was 6 or 7. After seeing a devil deal in a movie. Don't know if it worked but I got that metal megazord. And nothing else that year

When we can't move in dreams and can't remember dreams it's like we almost die and we as souls(like a ghost) need our physical body to host off. amirite?

Host off what? Are you saying a soul is like a parasite?

Technically no boy is a virgin because they were inside a woman in the womb, amirite?
Teenagers are sick and tired of being stereotyped as dumb and stupid, and adults are dumb and stupid for believe in such stereotypes, amirite?

Ok boomer

Everyone's hoarding supplies when others really need them and the community is not working together. Think before you panic, your actions matter, amirite?

Thanks for the PSA

People talk about which hand is their dominant one, but no one has ever said anything about which side of your mouth you use to chew. amirite?

I chew dominantly with the left, I noticed when I was younger and has to have braces

You might have walked over where you'll be buried in the future. amirite?
It is "easy" to become a police officer, yet it is harder to become a police officer than it is to get into an Ivy League school, amirite?

Just no