Girls: you hate it when your vagina smells disgusting, with all that yellow stuff. amirite?

Actually, you might have an infection. You might wanna go tothe doctor

Let's all take a moment to remember our veterans. The men and women who died for our countries to bring about peace with guns and killing other people. Because they are the only ones who matter apparently. amirite?

Ilovethomas, you took the words right out of my mouth!! Atleast some people realize that people have died and families have mourned letting little idiots say whatever they want!

No-one agreed to abide by the law, amirite?

not only by living there you agree, but also when you use any means of the goverment which includes roads. Its called the social contract.

You really start to learn who you are after high school. amirite?

The ones saying no way are probably in high school, sorry but most people in high school haven't had the exposure to others to truly learn about themselves!

If you're from Kansas, Arkansas is pronounced Ar-Kansas, if you're from anywhere else, it's Ar-Can-Saw and you think we Kansans are crazy when we talk about Ar-Kansas. am I right?

A lot of people form mississippi pronounce it Ar-kansas. Basically because we like to upset the people from arkansas

Sorry old lady, your not a cougar. You're ugly and short. You are more like a puma, the short ugly version of the cougar! amirite?

Short people can be pretty. im not denying that fact. Its when a woman in her 50s who barely has any teeth and its 5 feet and weighs 250 and looks like a truck ran into her. then NO, she is not a Cougar

Yes, I know you have the right to free speech, but do you really have to bash a person's beilief in a higher power? No wonder muslims hate Americans. amirite?

Yes, but some people think free speech means whatever pops in their head is acceptable