About me.

Hello! I'm Shannon, if you didn't already notice that from my lovely username.
I, like most people my age, am 15 years old.
If you want my life story summed up into 35 words, here it is:
Let's see... what to write, what to write.
I'm a Hufflepuff 5th year, but in the muggle school systems, which I must unfortunately attend, I'm a freshman.
My favorite sport is soccer, but I also play tennis and shoot archery, and when I'm feeling particularly unlazy (so basically never), I like to go on runs.
I can play quite a few instruments including the flute, piccolo, piano, and I'm learning the ukulele. I am also pretty beast on the recorder and kazoo.
I don't know why I take so much time in writing these because most of you probably don't care. swt smilie WHAT IS MY LIFE?
Anyhow, I really enjoy chemistry classes since we get to play with fire, but I also love English class.
I have a favorite of basically everything, including a favorite letter which just so happens to be Q.
Orange is, in my opinion, the greatest color in the universe and needs to be more appreciated.
I enjoy writing poetry, though most of what I write is absolute garbage, or maybe I'm just too hard on myself wary smilie
My life is a contradiction in a way that I would love to be a vegetarian, but I find hunting absolutely fabulous and... BACON. lhat smilie
Halloween is the greatest invention in the world and it fills me with great joy.
My favorite emoticon is lolwut smilie I mean, I haven't seen too many fruits in my lifetime, but that would have to be the cutest.
I'm about as socially awkward as they come. y smilie
My motto: When all else fails, ride a unicycle. (I have a unicycle named Fredrick and we have been bffls since last June)
Salad is a wonderful food, but hey, so are mangoes and pomegranates.
Because I'm so boss, I can sing the alphabet... BACKWARDS. cool smilie
I have the attention span of a gnat.
I like to blame tumblr for all of my problems including socially awkwardness, procrastination, failure to ever complete homework, and laziness.

I probably repeated a few things in that wary smilie

My life and ambitions.

After school, I hope to become a large animal veterinarian for a zoo.
Or to become famous. That would work too.

A brief history of my life.

Now, here is a brief explanation of how my name came about.
Though my name states that I am a unicorn, I actually started out as a shark fetus who never grows. My father was a shark and my mother a whale, but I got my dad's genes. Because I am a shark fetus, I had to attend a special fish school and learn about fish things like how to swim and stuff, but I wanted to make more of myself. Because of my strange past, when I started attending human school at the human age of six, I had trouble making friends because, unlike shark fetuses, humans don't enjoy eating each other. After accidentally murdering twenty-three classmates, my parents (while still living in the Pacific ocean) decided it would be best if I was placed instead in a human body (a blonde, 5'5 female with blue eyes), to make myself feel less like a hungry shark. As I grew more and more human-like, I began to want to kill less and started to make some friends. Though weary at first to speak with me, classmates of mine decided that I'm actually a pretty fabulous "person" and eventually everybody, including myself, forgot of my oceanic past. I even started to develop more human-like emotions such as love and such. All was going just fine and dandy when one day, I went on a trip to Florida and saw my mother and father at the beach. I went over to greet them when BAM! Somebody shot my mom thinking she was trying to eat me. (contrary to popular belief, sharks don't eat their favorite children and nor do whales) Watching my mother die was painful, but it taught me that perhaps I don't want to belong to the human race. They're so murderous and angry, not to mention hypocritical. I decided to look into being a different animal, one that was of greater value to the earth than a human, and I came across the wonderful unicorn. At first, I was a bit worried about my decision to become a unicorn. Would my mother be proud of me? What would my father, is he was even still alive, say when he say me next? Is it what's best for me?
Well, I decided that 'twas my life and I needed to man up and do what was best for myself, so I used my magical shark fetus powers to turn myself into... A UNICORN! One would think that that is where the story ends, but indeed it is not. My powers, after being stored in a human body for so long, malfunctioned and turned me instead into a giant centipede! I was actually a star in quite a few films after that brief issue with my powers.
Anyhow, after accidentally turning myself into a disgusting monster, I managed to find my way back to the ocean to find my shark fetus brothers and sisters and they transferred enough of their powers into me for me to turn myself back into a shark fetus and wait for my powers to be fully restored.
After about three months of living with my brother, Sparta, and his wife, Malacca, I had regained enough of my powers to attempt my change again. After a going away party with what was left of my family (my father was never seen after the brutal attack on my mother), we decided it was time. We swam about twenty miles before we reached the beach where the change would happen, and I used every last bit of my powers to turn myself into what I had always meant to be: a magnificent unicorn. To this day, I remain a unicorn, but with some limitations. Since so much of powers had been worn away in my human body, I couldn't possibly restore all of them. Because of that, even after taking months to get them back, I could only muster enough power to make me a unicorn who switches from human to unicorn every eleven hours, but I am pleased with that, for at least I can finally call myself a real unicorn. smile smilie

I really need life.

I just spent an hour of my life working on that.
What has become of me.
This is why I have no friends.
Dear God help me.

The things I could never live without.

Things I could never live without? Hmm. Food, oxygen, shelter, tumblr, nutella, and those chairs that spin around

My favourite books, TV, music, movies and food.

Books: All of them allthethings smilie I do really like Harry Potter though, and John Green is my favorite author.
TV Show: Well I didn't really watch tv but then I saw an episode of Supernatural once and then my social life was gone
Music: All of it... as long as it isn't too popular like One Direction or Justin Bieber. I really love Coldplay, Fun, Augustana, My Chemical Romance, and The Killers.
Movies: Any superhero or disney movies. My favorite disney movie is The Road to El Dorado y smilie
Food: Salad, corndogs, cereal, or soup

The coolest places I've visited.

I don't get out much.
I think the last time I vacationed was when I went to Florida in seventh grade. That was pretty cool I guess but it rained almost the whole time. OOH! STORY TIME! So in Florida, I was at the beach with my family and we saw a sea turtle but I could have sworn someone was like "Oh yeah, it's a shark." So I got all scared and ran out of the water and may or may not have cried or something. Yeah I was an awesome child cool smilie

In my free time I like to...

Internet. If you feel the need to stalk me elsewhere, my tumblr is
yeah don't judge me
I also read a lot. Too much actually. I'm working on reading the dictionary.
-- I think you can find it under ShannonRobot but I don't actually understand twitter so idk -- I rage quite Twitter because I couldn't figure it out and people from my school started following me. Okay thanks for caring.

Favourite Quotes

"We need never be hopeless, because we can never be irreparably broken. We think that we are invincible because we are."

You should send me a message if you..

Want to talk! I love talking to people so if I don't reply you can probably assume I'm dead.

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