Girl siblings are sisters. Boy siblings are brothers. What do you call hermaphrodite sibling? amirite?

Troll!... in the dungeon...

Thought you ought to know...

This is disgusting, and not funny.

The TV game show Cash Cab is rigged... you have to sign up to be on the show! This makes you so upset, amirite?
@except that it's in Toronto, and not NYC.

(Anonymous):Except that its in NYC and not Toronto

You'd rather go down a razor blade slide straight into a pool of rubbing alcohol, than have year-round school with no breaks, amirite?
I think modern pop artists are missing the point about recycling. We're trying to recycle things like paper, plastic, and metal, not songs from the past. Amirite?

LMAO "michael jack-child"

It's pretty weird that you can have 3 words in a row in the same sentences. i.e. "What's that that that guy is holding?" amirite?
@sonickemet What's that? A hat! A CRAZY FUNKY JUNKY HAT.

over slept, hair unsightly, trying to look like keira knightley

So many posts on amirite seem to fly by unnoticed. I mean, we always see the same people on the homepage it seems: BreakfastFan, Rocky, Anonymous... amirite?

seriously, who the hell is anonymous and why is he ALWAYS on the homepage. the mods definitely play favorites. i mean, some of this guy's posts aren't even that good.

Q-tips aren't supposed to be used to clean your ears but you do it anyway, amirite?
@Laughing_spork Well your ears shouldnt be completely clean all the time, but cleaning them every once in a while to avoid too much...

Which is why I ALWAYS put q-tips in my ears.
I don't care if it damages my ear canal. It feels good, and its better than having ear wax built up in there.

If a set of identical twin sisters and a set of identical twin brothers would get married to the other, you would wonder if they're going to have identical looking children, amirite?
It's a bit obnoxious if you won't accept your friend's friends simply because they don't dance, amirite?

For some reason I immediately thought of the baseball scene in HSM2 with the whole "I don't dance" part.

Shoot me. I'm so embarrassed...

We, Mexicans, are not the only people in the world who speak Spanish damnit! amirite?

Yeah, but Mexicans are the main reason Americans have to press 1 for English.

Alejandros: you have at least once in your life been called Ale-Ale-Alejandro. It gets annoying after a while, amirite?

How many people actually have this name....?

You've wondered why some people put paper bags around bottles of alcohol while drinking it. That just makes it more obvious instead of discrete. amirite?

One day I'm gonna go to school and drink rootbeer from a glass bottle in a brown paper bag. Just to see what the teachers say.