Troll!... in the dungeon...

Thought you ought to know...

You've wondered why some people put paper bags around bottles of alcohol while drinking it. That just makes it more obvious instead of discrete. amirite?

One day I'm gonna go to school and drink rootbeer from a glass bottle in a brown paper bag. Just to see what the teachers say.

This is disgusting, and not funny.

There should be restrictions about swearing and talking dirty in posts, amirite?
@DanielJames Voldemort. shudders

There are kids on this website! You need to watch what you're saying.

I understand how the Bible condems gay couples. Now good people, answer this: My wife is cheating on me, and I want to stone her (as the Bible tells me to), but the government will get mad at me if I do. I should ignore the government, amirite?

I'm religious and all, but some of the stuff in the bible should be taken with a grain of salt. Including the homosexuality part.

LMAO "michael jack-child"

Lazy scientists just accept the existence of God, amirite?
@LewisL I don't want to get into an argument about whether or not god exists, but scientists have not discovered something...

But the fact that scientists have no explaination for SO many things proves that life and the universe is the work of something greater than all of us. Something so great, that science can't even define it.

You can't get mad at me for ruining the end of Harry Potter; the books have been around for years, amirite?

I'm pretty sure the poster is refering to talking about it, say on amirite, where other people can see it, and will comment "omg can you stop spoiling the end! some of us havent read the books!!1!"

I never implied that the books had different endings than the movies. If you're going to call me stupid, atleast try to give a legitimate reason as to why you're doing so. Thanks.

It's a bit obnoxious if you won't accept your friend's friends simply because they don't dance, amirite?

For some reason I immediately thought of the baseball scene in HSM2 with the whole "I don't dance" part.

Shoot me. I'm so embarrassed...


Wow, seriously? Relax. I was joking too... Did you seriously think that I thought you were going to stab me...?

Q-tips aren't supposed to be used to clean your ears but you do it anyway, amirite?
@Laughing_spork Well your ears shouldnt be completely clean all the time, but cleaning them every once in a while to avoid too much...

Which is why I ALWAYS put q-tips in my ears.
I don't care if it damages my ear canal. It feels good, and its better than having ear wax built up in there.

A used tapon is a vampires tea bag, amirite?

well thats disgusting...

the "tear here" strip on bag and candy bars never work, amirite?
@BBALLCHITOWN i dont, youre a jerk fighting over a post, wow thats sad

actually, i just politely told you that your post was a repeat. you freaked out.

and now you're hitting on a girl over the internet! talk about sadness! s'alright. we're all a little bit strange. to each his own, right?

there is no "normal" age for a first kiss. it's different and personal to everyone. amirite?

I feel like its better when people do it at like 13, just to get it out of the way. Then, if its awkward (which it probably will be), its reasonable, because you were only 13 ya know? Everythings awkward at that age.
I'm almost 18 and I've never kissed anyone, though.

If you can't drive in the HOV lane (carpool lane) when you're pregnant, then a fetus doesn't count as a person, amirite?
@LewisL I agree shannon that life begins at conception, but I also support any and all abortions. I cbf typing it out...

I can totally understand what you're saying because- yes, we are forcing the mother to go through many difficult things against her will, yet if you look at it from the opposite side, we can't simply take away the life of the child in order to accomodate the mother. The mother (aside from rape, obviously) made the mistake of getting pregnant; the child has done nothing. Therefore it seems fit that the mother should be the one to suffer the consequences, rather than the child.