About me.

'Sup broski, I'm Ava.
The anniversary of my birth is in June. You should send me a present.
My best friends are Lucy, Eleanor, Estella, and Meghan. And of course, the lovely JAYwalker. Go stalk her. She's awesome.

I spend most of my free time drawing or painting things and listening to music.

Mon alphabet?

Amy Winehouse. Beirut. Cage the Elephant. Deerhunter. The Eagles. Frank Sinatra. Gnarls Barkley. Hungry Ghosts. Ingrid Michaelson. Jack Johnson. The Kooks. Lil' Wayne. Modest Mouse. Nirvana. Oasis. Pink Floyd. Queen. Red Hot Chili Peppers. The Strokes. Third Eye Blind. Usher. The Velvet Underground. White Hinterland. The xx. Young the Giant. Zoot Woman.

Choses que me faire dire <<Je t'adore!>>:

•Licorice, black coffee, strawberries, grapefruit, mint.
•Neon colors, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, jump ropes.
•Tennis, swimming, soccer, hockey, skiing, ultimate frisbee.
•Black Swan, Donnie Darko, Rushmore, The Lion King, Mean Girls.
•Cyanide &Happiness, Calvin&Hobbes, AVPM & AVPS.
•Harry Potter, The Great Gatsby, A Clockwork Orange, Where the Wild Things Are.
•Having a style people either admire or think I'm crazy for.
•The beach.
•My darling boyfriend.
•La langue française.

Voldemort dehors, chiennes.