The straightest British teeth in the world are those of Toddlers. amirite?


is this what's funny to boomers

No??? Are they good?

It's amazing that people can look at the moon in the night sky and still deny the existence of God. The stars? Infinity? The very things that people use to claim that God doesn't exist are the things that prove God DOES exist. Science proves it.
Teenage pregnancy rates would go down if:
Teenage pregnancy rates would go down if:
@OzSurfer Yes of course both genders should be responsible but girls have got a lot more at stake than boys so the situation...

that's totally true. shouldn't girls be even more on guard than boys, then? not to blame girls for getting pregnant because i know it happens, just that it's weird to blame guys for knocking up girls as if they're innocent snowflakes who don't even know the potential consequences

@MindBlowing Sell food. Everyone loves food

sooooooooooooooooooo getting a fucking job


so getting a job?

Teenage pregnancy rates would go down if:
@OzSurfer Isn't your reply based purely on personal anecdotes too? If you don't know anyone who would be in that situation...

oh yes, of course it is. i am terrible and not very educated so all i have to offer is from my own experience, twinged with a slight animosity based on my hatred for people in general. i mostly posted this comment just to be contrary.

but actually, i don't think what you're saying is accurate. just to be clear, are you saying that malicious boys are more responsible than ignorant girls? i think both genders should be responsible

yeah, guess this is a really vague question because it depends on the person. of course any normal person will take a stance on something they're passionate about. that doesn't mean they're necessarily a leader

How would you show someone you loved them, without outright saying, "I love you?" How would you show it through actions?

from a personal experience, a lot of kissing seems to suffice sometimes

Imagine you have necklace with one half of a heart, and the person who has the other half is your soulmate. Who has that other half, or who would you want to have it?

i guess my best friend in the world who i like and love a lot? this question is easy i guess was it supposed to be more introspective or what