I hate silent letters, like the -o- in opossum, the -p- in pterodactyl, the -k- in knife, and the -t- in potpourri. I just don't understand why you need the letter if you're not going to pronounce it!

Except the o in oppossum isn't supposed to be silent.

People who are American that spell "flavor" with a "u" seem annoying to the Britsh. Seriously, come on. Be true to your flags colours, amirite?
@itiswhatitis I am American and I have always spelt: colour, theatre, favourite, rumour, harbour, behaviour, etc. it's not...

Actually, "theatre" and "theater" are two different words, not British and American versions of the same word. "Theater" is a building, like a movie theater, and "theatre" is the act, like a theatre club at school.

it is annoying when parents yell at you for getting bad grades. They should try and help them instead of punishing them. amirite?

Depends why the kid gets poor grades. If he's actually struggling and trying his best, then yelling wouldn't do anything. If he refuses to do work or study, punishment is fine.

You wonder why Ron and Hermione ever named their kid Hugo, amirite?

They said Hugo was meant to take after Hermione even though there's no evidence for that. They worded it as fact rather than a suggestion.

You wonder why Ron and Hermione ever named their kid Hugo, amirite?

I just assumed it was to keep up the trend of female names in the story. A lot of the girls are named after flowers (Lily, Petunia, etc.)

You wonder why Ron and Hermione ever named their kid Hugo, amirite?
@mylifeisfly Hugo means "intelligent", he's supposed to take after his mother, (even though warner bros. made Rose look like the...

I don't recall the book saying anything about Hugo's intelligence. Ron said Rose had Hermione's brains, but no indication was made that Hugo was smart too.

It seems like every new tv show feels the need to put at least one gay/lesbian couple in it, amirite?
@Mostly because it is cumbersome to write specifically gay storylines. It's different and a lot less open than just...

Why can't they just write an average romance for gay people? A guy asking someone out to prom who just happens to be another dude. If it's treated like any other relationship, it should be simple to add in gay characters.

You have thought you were going to drown before, amirite?
You have thought you were going to drown before, amirite?

I was afraid of water when I was five but then I decoded to go into the deep end of a pool. I almost drowned, and my fear was cured.

Italian is one of the most beautiful languages ever spoken, amirite?

Am I the only one who doesn't get when people say languages are beautiful? To me it just sounds like noise; there's nothing attractive about it.

Keith is the worst name a guy can have, amirite?

I got stuck with Shelby. I'd take Keith any day.

It's awesome how some people can control their dreams, if you could control you're dreams you know exactly what you would do, amirite?

I feel like the odd man out: I could lucid dream easily and could ever since I was a kid. I actually prefer to let my dreams play out naturally. It's like I'm watching a movie, and I find it more fun than controlling them.

You support transgenders, amirite?

I assume you're in on the trans positive movement considering your username, so I'm kind of surprised that you used transgender as a noun. It's an adjective. You'd call someone a transgender man or woman, not a transgender.

You love it when the time is the same number as your area code, amirite?
@I always try to make math problems with the numbers, for example: 2:24, 2+2=4

I always liked 6:36 because six is the square root of thirty-six.

If I'm going to write a post about hot girls, it is just easier understood as "Guys: _" instead of "Straight guys, lesbians, bisexuals, pansexuals, polysexuals, etc: _". amirite?
@Suzywao Bisexuals are generally attracted to biological men who identify as men, and biological women who identify as...

I don't see why you're including transsexual people in here. They're still male and female, not something in between. As a gay man, I would be perfectly fine dating a post-op transsexual man.