When dating, if you expect people to take you 100% as you are, you deserve to be rejected 99% of the time, amirite?

Not for nothing, but your friend kinda has a point, do you want someone who likes you, or your biceps? If your goal is to put up numbers, by all means work in finance and run marathons, it sounds like he has a different goal.

Being 'gifted' is not a real thing, amirite?
@jodzdzownica We are not discussing physical attributes in this context; you are free to leave.

You don't seem to understand that brains have varying physical attributes in exactly the same way that the rest of the body does.

Airplane food is good. amirite?

I wouldn't say it's good or bad - it's fine. That said I agree that people seem to complain more about it than is warranted.

a book is step by step instructions of what to imagine, amirite?
Mankind will become extinct not from lack of food or water but lack of empathy. amirite?


Since most people never change their numbers, mobile phone area codes are a permanent snapshot of where everyone lived in the early 2000s, amirite?

I think my number has changed at some point but it would have been around '06-'07. So 14-15 years I've had this one.

Every dollar you spend represents a portion of your life you spent doing something you didn't necessarily want to do. amirite?
@synthsexual TBF: I think this applies to all animals. E.g. I think birds like having nests but building it may be a pain

I wonder if birds even have the reflection to ponder "I'd rather not be doing this"

I imagine it's more like "This is what I'm doing now"

Car Styling Peaked in the 80's, amirite?

I sort of agree, tho I treat the 60s, 70s and 80s as the best decades. 90s were also pretty nice(Diablo, Cizeta V16T, F355, RX-7, XJ220, Porsche 993, NSX, BMW Z8, E31 and E39, etc.) and the 2000s were alright(Carrera GT, Porsche 996, Nissan 350Z, Murcielago).

What has ruined car design starting with the mid-late 00s is the rise of crossovers and SUVs, which are almost all ugly and pointless vehicles that are almost always only driven on road.

Your body is full of bacteria that will wait decades for you to die so it can eat you. amirite?
@GnarlyStarwin Aliens are microscopic

microscopic, aliens are.


(Commands: 'opt out', 'delete')

If you're ever hungry, hit a fat person up for some food. amirite?
We always talk about dick size, but never width or height. amirite?

Who is we? Cus whenever I talk with other women about dick size, length, girth, cut, friendliness to user and ability level of owner, are all discussed.

All Dildos are circumcised, amirite?

Untrue, but rare... and kinda unsanitary/not made of body safe materials afaik

If you're a twin, either you or your sibling was unplanned. amirite?
Couples should share their locations with each other. amirite?

If you want your partners location for anything other than their safety you're either deeply insecure OR you need to break up because you lack the ability to trust them for your own personal reasons.

The existence of casual sex implies the existence of competitive sex, amirite?

Mayhaps formal.. right then let's engage in some proper intercourse