A weird statistic you could receive when you die is how many houses you passed which had a missing person in the basement, amirite?
@TheSonofHermes Maybe. There's plenty of crazy psychopaths out there, but how many of them actually kidnap someone and keep them in...

I mean if they're mentally ill and have enough drugs and adrenaline pumping through them, then I guess it's feasible. People are really stupid sometimes huh.

If we had an undeniable proof that life has no meaning people wouldn't probably change anything in their life. amirite?
When you order five boxes online, you actually end up with six, amirite?

Not if you order them in separate orders. Just saying this for those who are worried

There's no magical amount of chewing required to swallow food. Your mouth just kinda knows when it's time. amirite?

Say that to those salty crackers I tried to eat. They weren't going down without a fight

Vaping is to cigarettes what margarine is to butter and Splenda is to sugar... amirite?

As an individual who vapes I agree only vaping taste 1000% better then the comparison

For most of us, if our Jobs which we spend most hours of a day working on is taken out of existence from this planet, we realize it wouldn't create any sad consequence in the society. Making our work a meaningless effort, amirite?
You're currently most likely procrastinating. amirite?
If you can't think of how to explain what you're doing to your mom and/or the police. Then you probably shouldn't be doing it. amirite?
If you've never seen a chameleon in your life, there's still a chance you have looked right at one. If you have seen a chameleon in your life, that wasn't a very good chameleon. amirite?

Chameleons don't camouflage