How a family operates on the inside is more crucial than how it appears from the outside, amirite?

My friend's mom seems pretty nice, but getting to know said friend better has taught me she's a bit... crazy.
Like my friend did something wrong, like talk back, and as punishment her mom took everything out of her room.
Everything. If she needs it for something like school or a convention(she's a cosplayer) her mom will let her use it for that, but it's pretty strict.

@swimlax I only think of it as hypocritical if someone says something like "I'll never..." and then they do it.

I'd say if you're continuing your bad behavior while telling someone else to do it.
Like, telling someone they shouldn't bite their nails when your bite your nails down to nubs.

It's annoying when kids act like they know about politics, but only restate their parent's opinion, amirite?
@cookiedough It depends on whether or not they can back it up.

But then they aren't just repeating what their parents say. Knowing about politics implies that you've formed your own opinion, and while it could be your parents it doesn't have to be.
That's how I took the post anyway.

Tampons > pads, amirite?

Pads are easier, and I'm always worried my tampon will get stuck (I've heard horror stories) or leak.

You prefer wheat bread over white bread, amirite?

I like wheat with peanut butter and jelly or roast beef, white for pretty much everything else.

Shaming people for being skinny is just as bad as shaming people for being fat, amirite?
@Watchful_questioneer But couldn't contentment lead to them continuing an unhealthy lifestyle as well? I'm only wishing shame on those...

I really don't think anyone with Anorexia is proud of the end result. I found the tumblr of an elementary school friend who I learned developed an eating disorder. Seeing how low her self-worth had become was sad. She was both ashamed of herself for doing this, and felt she was disgusting.
The truth of the matter is eating disorders rarely even cause you to lose weight as they shut down your metabolism. It just gives you thin dull hair and brittle nails, so it's really impossible to be happy with the result.
I see what you're saying, but I don't think anyone develops an eating disorder and thinks "This is the diet for me!" with pride.

Shaming people for being skinny is just as bad as shaming people for being fat, amirite?
@Watchful_questioneer Then I suppose feeling bad isn't the only thing that can motivate some people. But to those for whom shame would...

Well the thing is most of the time they do feel a sort of shame, but that doesn't stop them from doing anything.
People with eating disorders also often have some level of depression. They think their fat is disgusting and that no one loves them because of it, and maybe if they were thinner they could get love. Same for thinner people but with thinking they look creepy and have not curves.
In order to get better they don't need to be ashamed of what they've done, they need to feel self-confident about what they already look like, and pride in themselves.

Society has put an unnecessary amount of effort into the advancement of yogurt, amirite?

Low fat, greek yogurt, whipped, "Oh this tastes like desert!", frozen yogurt, yogurt that helps with digestion, drinkable yogurt, go-gurt, and that's just off the top of my head.

You feel bad when someone speaks highly of you or compliments your character (e.g. being called hardworking or honest), when you've actually been quite the opposite lately.
@ItsATrap I never do work at school and I'm rarely there, but I do co-op in the library and the teacher librarian always...

I learned after volunteering some that it's very easy to be considered a hard-working volunteer. I found out because I worked with another volunteer who came on different days, and she complained whenever she had to do anything she didn't want to. To the people assigning the task. She then proceeded to take as long as she could on one task.
So, you could be doing better than you think.

Why live, if you don't live the way you want to, amirite?
@FlotatiousTurd if you work hard enough why the hell couldnt you

Because I can't be princess of a small country. That's not how life works. Hard work does not equal getting whatever you want. I can't break through a wall without using tools no matter how hard I try. I can't transform myself into a cat. I can't shrink myself down to one foot tall. I can't decide what my mental health is like. Not everything is up to you.

Why live, if you don't live the way you want to, amirite?
@FlotatiousTurd its your can live however the heck you want

To some extent, but I can exactly live in a castle and rule a small country.
That quote is from a character who deals with severe depression. She can't really control feeling miserable, but she leans that she would rather continue to live.

Why live, if you don't live the way you want to, amirite?

"And you find out you don't have to be happy at all to be happy you're alive"- Next to Normal.

Sometimes you don't have much of a choice on how your life is lived.

Sometimes, the subject isn't very appealing, but the teacher makes the whole experience more enjoyable, amirite?

Environmental science. My teacher is constantly making jokes throughout the lesson and relating it to things we can actually visit and would be intersted in.

People who strive to be the most unique person in the room are a little annoying. Although I can understand wanting to standout, there's also nothing wrong with having similar qualities as other people, amirite?

I think it's fine if you do actually like unique stuff, like dying your hair weird colors or doing intense eye-makeup, the problem is when people do these things to be different.

You have seen at least one Broadway musical, amirite?

I've seen Legally Blonde, Wicked, Avenue Q, one I forget the name of but it was based on a Shakespeare play and wasn't Kiss me Kate live.
I've seen the movie versions of Phantom of the Opera, Rent, West side Story, Sound of music, Hairspray, and Little shop of Horrors.
Then for highschool theater districts I've seen a one act version of Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, and this thing called "Sounds from a new world"
I've listened to soundtracks for Next to Normal, Book of Mormon, Matilda, Sideshow, and Spring Awakening.
I've also been in Seussical the Musical.