Arizona says life starts two weeks before conception. That is incredibly stupid, amirite?
You hate it when someone of an older generation says that this generation is lazy, and we don't work hard enough. You used to just have to be fairly smart and try a little in school to get into an Ivy League. Now you need to get a 2300+ on your SATs, have a 3.75+ GPA, and take like 5 AP tests just to be considered. Plus we need to show leadership, help out the community, and do extracurricular activities. High schoolers have to work hard to go to a good college, amirite?

I think it's because we're sitting on computers a lot, but that's also stupid.
I'm not lazy for using the internet instead of looking something up in a book, I'm using the technology available to me. Should I have to go out to a well to get water and build and out-house because people didn't used to have indoor plumbing?

Arizona says life starts two weeks before conception. That is incredibly stupid, amirite?

It's disgusting that they're calling it the "Womens health and saftey act"
It's the "Let's try and prevent abortion in all the crazy ways we possibly can" act

There's at least one body part that you just find generally unattractive, amirite?

Knees are pretty weird. Same with elbows, and noses.

My teacher should be fired for calling the entire class a bunch of idiots, amirite?

I get the feeling this is a "I hate my teacher and will try to get her fired after every little thing" deal. People were trying to do something similar in 6th grade. It didn't work.

@Favvkes dye their hair and make a crazy face? the picture doesn't really mean anything

I think she also got some plastic surgery. She was such a cute kid in the parent trap...

You hate those stupid posts all over the internet that say things like "When a girl says she's fine, she's really crying on the inside." Yeah. Or she's just fine, amirite?

I hate the ones thath say like "When a girl says she's tired she's really upset"
because sometimes I'm just tired, and I don't want people to pester me. But no, I must be going through emotional turmoil! Because we're all emotional wrecks!

The last day of the Olympics should just be all the gold medalists playing dodgeball until we have one ultimate champion, amirite?

The gymnists could just hover in the air to avoid getting hit.

The Lion King in blu-ray 3D! Walt Disney must be turning in his grave, amirite?

Well, Walt loved new ideas and technology. He did create the first fully animated movie ever. I think he would be very impressed with the new technology, and since he was dead by the time the Lion King came out I don't think the changes would matter much to him.

You like the new amirite layout, amirite?

It's sort of weird. and Imiss being able to pick the color.
I'm guessing Anthony is still playing with it though, he often makes things better fast.

Every time someone asks you what your favourite movie is, you forget every movie you have ever seen in your whole life, amirite?

It's gotten to the point where I'm not sure if all of the things I have for my "Favorite ____" really are my favorite. I just want to have something to say and I like it, so I say it.
The only ones that I know for sure are book and movie.
But things like song, color, or food are just things I've been saying since I was eight.

There's at least one body part that you just find generally unattractive, amirite?

I do think that some noses can look nice, but I feel like absolutely everyone hates their nose at some point in their life.

If the thing you're most talented at is really pointless you feel sort of cheated, talent wise, amirite?

It's weird, today (which is shortly after I posted this) my English teacher was telling us all about how we've all got something that we're really great at that others can't understand how we even begin to get that good. She was referring to this guy who's good with tech stuff.
I was just sitting there like "I can hula-hoop and skip-it at the same time"

ADHD and ADD are over-diagnosed, amirite?

I was looking at a quiz once that was supposed to determine if you had ADD. One of the questions was "Does your mind wander while doing boring tasks"

It's frightening to consider the actuality that our history is false. As displayed in the novel 1984, our history textbooks and teachers could all have been duped into believing the wrong facts. The past is too fragile, and it contains so many variations of beliefs and stories that we, as humans, should just accept that there is not one answer for everything, amirite?

I live in America, and about a month ago a British guy moved here and goes to my school.
My friend has history with him, and she says she's often amused by arguments he has with the teacher.
Appearently when they were going over the American revolution they had a discussion that involved him saying "Well they were colonies! They were supposed to listen to us!"