I hate Fromsoftware games, amirite?

You can go around the Tree Sentinel. You don't have to fight it to progress.

Bike Lanes Are Dangerous And Stupid, amirite?
@lazar94 So where do you think people should use bikes?

people should not be on bikes where there is a majority automobile traffic

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a fascist song, amirite?

Isn't that the moral of the song?

I actually liked the movie "The Happening". amirite?

most boring movie ever

The I.R.S. is technically a front for the U.S. military, amirite?
@Tanmoykayesen Probably. Most countries main product isn't their military though

The biggest export product of the U.S. is mineral fuels including oil

Lack of sleep and stress is a mix that turns into an infinity loop. You sleep less because you're stressed but you're also stressed because you didn't sleep, amirite?

What's nice is that often the meds they give you for anxiety can screw up your sleep, perpetuating the fun loop.

Dinosaur movies never explore potential symbiotic relationships. It's always T-Rex eating herbivores. amirite?

Nor do they explore the possibility of dinosaurs having fat, or hair / feathers/ similar.

Some people really should not have gotten veneers, amirite?
@Apartlavishness "Without damaging their teeth"……. To put veneers on you literally have to have your teeth shaved down.

There are veneers that require no grinding or shaving of the patient's teeth.

Not all dentists offer it, and not all patients qualify for it, but that applies to all procedures.

IPAs are delicious, amirite?

definitely not "unpopular" you are drinking one that you bought at a store that is not out of stock or hard to get

Grandparents are more gentle and relaxed to their grandkids, because they are trying to make up for some bad parenting they think they did with their kids, amirite?

No it's because when they have had enough they can return them :P

You should be able to resist a mandatory 72 hour psych hold by any means necessary with no consequences, amirite?

Dawg what did you do?

Christmas movie hot take, amirite?
People who own snakes,feed them live rodents and feel no remorse are sick in the head, amirite?
I love animals but I hate pets. amirite?

I honestly can't think of a single thing my dog or cat has destroyed. I don't think they've ever destroyed anything I've owned except for their specific pet toys

People who own snakes,feed them live rodents and feel no remorse are sick in the head, amirite?
@Eastern-Spot2023 So dogs eating kids is a natural thing that they do in the wild? Damn Ohio is wild

You think dogs are innocent? It'll eat anything it can to live if it has too they dont care