You should be able to resist a mandatory 72 hour psych hold by any means necessary with no consequences, amirite?

Dawg what did you do?

Some people really should not have gotten veneers, amirite?
@Apartlavishness "Without damaging their teeth"……. To put veneers on you literally have to have your teeth shaved down.

There are veneers that require no grinding or shaving of the patient's teeth.

Not all dentists offer it, and not all patients qualify for it, but that applies to all procedures.

It's not anyone's job to make you secure because of what your past partner did. amirite?

don't start the relationship if they have trust issues.

All of the dead bodies on Everest were once strong, determined individuals. amirite?

All? Nah, some were just idiots in over their heads who didn't heed the warnings and paid no mind to the danger.

Archaeologists should not be excavating graves. amirite?

Yeah but like what else are they gonna do?

We shouldn't be ashamed of pirating movies - streaming services should just give better reasons not to do it, amirite?
@Apartlavishness Convenience typically, as well as security. For example PC games, I could pirate everything but I know when I buy...

I used to pirate games as a kid because i had no choice i would not be able to afford to play the games anytime soon so it was like pirate or don't get to play it at all. But i would not pirate now since i don't have to wait a long time till my birthday or Christmas to afford games.

I hate Fromsoftware games, amirite?

You can go around the Tree Sentinel. You don't have to fight it to progress.

Knives Out & Glass Onion aren't that great, amirite?

They are ok. Not bad not great. Daniel Craig makes them watchable.

Grandparents are more gentle and relaxed to their grandkids, because they are trying to make up for some bad parenting they think they did with their kids, amirite?

No it's because when they have had enough they can return them :P

Lack of sleep and stress is a mix that turns into an infinity loop. You sleep less because you're stressed but you're also stressed because you didn't sleep, amirite?

What's nice is that often the meds they give you for anxiety can screw up your sleep, perpetuating the fun loop.

Going to the cinema is an unpleasant experience. amirite?
@Kionix for what its worth, going to the cinema is suppose to be "an experience" - similar to how going to a restaurant is...

I think I got used to theater seats getting bigger because we saw Avatar 2 in the imax and I felt like a sardine with the giant guy next to me. He was snickering with his buddy the whole time too and like looking at his phone under his jacket which is almost more annoying than just looking at your phone.

But ya know, that's just the gamble of going out in the world. Sometimes you're sat near a crying baby at a restaurant just like sometimes you sit through 3 hours of Avatar 2.

Everybody talks about having a CO2 detector but never what to do if the alarm goes off. amirite?

CO2 is carbon dioxide, average people don't have CO2 detectors in their home, usually places like fast food restaurants that use CO2 to carbonate fountain beverages have them.

CO is carbon monoxide. If your CO detector goes off, go outside to fresh air and call emergency services.

DDMMYYYY is the worst way to write the date, amirite?

Yea cool opinion anyway here's a fact about calendars:

The word "calendar" is derived from the Latin "calendarium" meaning "interest register" or "account book".

IPAs are delicious, amirite?

definitely not "unpopular" you are drinking one that you bought at a store that is not out of stock or hard to get

Christmas movie hot take, amirite?