The whole Jacob Black driving a motorcycle and turning into a huge dog thing is unoriginal. Sirius Black could do the same thing, amirite?
It would suck if Hitler actually meant "I hate Juice" but people misheard him, amirite?

Wow I feel dumb. It took me forever to figure out why you posted that link. I skimmed through the whole page wondering what I was looking for... then I got it...

Harry Potter could have made his life a lot easier if he would have been willing to use Avada Kedavra, amirite?

He wouldn't have been able to kill Voldemort due to the fact that he had seven horcruxes.

How did they get slave to America? I'm pretty sure they didn't have teleportation devices or planes back then

Nerds: You're somewhat annoyed that being nerdy has become fashionable as of late, amirite?

There are no specific qualifications to be a nerd... If you love Harry Potter, Doctor Who, learning, and reading then I think that would be enough to be considered a nerd.

‎"Yes mother, I'm doing homework" -facebook/internet until midnight- "Yes mother, I'm done with my homework" -wait until everybody falls asleep and then try to do homework under the covers like Harry Potter- -give up and decide to wing it during lunch- -forget and freak out until I get lucky and not have homework checked- -regret not sleeping earlier- Repeat. amirite?

That is all true, mainly the Harry Potter part.

Make-up is like photoshop for your face, amirite?

Some people know how to correctly use it, others don't.

J.K Rowling really isn't that much better of an author than Stephanie Meyer. Harry Potter has just been out for so much longer, was better propagandized, and the fan base has grown up with the series, leaving them to support it over the other, though they really have nothing to do with each other in the first place, amirite?

Two years ago Twilight was the best book series out there according to people everywhere. Soon after everyone finished reading the books, they didn't care anymore, until a movie came out.

Go to any Wikipedia article. Click on the first link that is not in italics or parenthesis. Repeat. You eventually end up at Philosophy, amirite?

List of Harry Potter Characters
Character (arts)
Representation (arts)
Meaning (linguistics)
Extant taxon
Natural Science
Property (philosophy)
Modern philosophy

Amirite Status Day is going to be awesome. amirite?

When is it?

If you are what you eat, then Lord Voldemort was a unicorn, amirite?

He never ate a unicorn. He drank the blood of the unicorn, but never ate one.

You wish Umbridge would stop texting you. amirite?
@shilo6669 oh my Rowling!! i love you! :)

Oh my wizard God! that comment is totally awesome. :)

Whoever can bring me the head of David Yates atop a copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince shall receive a hefty reward, amirite?

He better make the last two movies flawless! I say to my friend everyday that I will kill him if he messes this one up too.

You try your hardest to get into honors classes and once you get put in them you realize you wish you weren't in them because it requires so much effort, amirite?

Honors English is easy but honors algebra 2 is hard...

Who knew the counter curse was just Unjellify?! amirite?

Sirius Black did