Non-Americans: Sometimes you Americanise things you post on the internet (such as brand names, slang words, etc.) because otherwise no one would know what you're talking about, amirite?

Yep. I like how you say Americanise whereas an American would spell it Americanize.

I feel bad for the next generation, they're all gonna have four sets of grandparents. amirite?

More grandparents = more presents.

You always use the Oxford comma and get slightly angry when other people don't, even though you know it doesn't matter, amirite?
@ilikefurrywolves4815 What the hell is an Oxford comma?!

See We tend to be taught not to put a comma before "and", but if you said we invited (1. the strippers, 2. JFK, and 3. Stalin) without an Oxford comma it'd say " We invited the strippers, JFK and Stalin", which implies that JFK and Stalin are the strippers.

Incest between consenting adults is okay, amirite?
Hunting for sport is wrong, amirite?
@starke too many deer 'round here, not enough animals that kill deer

Then it's not sport, it's culling. Culling, to an extent, is okay. So is hunting for food, as long as the animal doesn't suffer. I don't understand how anyone can find killing an innocent animal "fun". It's murder. If you want to shoot something so badly, take up archery or clay shooting. You'd have to be a really sick person to take satisfaction out of having a dead animal's head on your wall.

You don't know that many people who still practice hardcore abstinence, amirite?

I wonder if all these "I am"s are abstinent by choice or because they can't get laid.

Girls: When you were a kid, you would always try to tell people why it was great to be a girl (i.e "because girls can wear dresses AND pants!") but now since you're older you're like "fuck this period shit and give me a damn penis,", amirite?
The amount of friends you have do not have anything to do with how good of a person you are. amirite?

I hope so; I don't have any friends.

Some of the worst episodes of Glee are the ones that deal with heavy issues, amirite?

Some of the worst episodes of Glee are all of them.

You've fallen for a character in your favorite show or book series before, amirite?

Dean Winchester.

It's sad that people curse so much, amiright?
You have a color for every letter of the alphabet, amirite?

I thought this meant you can name a colour that starts with every letter of the alphabet, like a = aqua, b = blue, etc.

you wanna get married just so you can say "no" when they ask if the take this peron to be your lawfully wedded wife/husband, amirite?

Getting engaged just to break someone's heart and wind up looking like a complete dick? Gee, that sounds fun.

Girls: sometimes, no matter how great the guy is, you wont consider him because he's short and if you got married you wouldn't be able to wear heels at your wedding. amirite?

The number of YYAs on this is pathetic. You don't care about height when you love someone enough to want to marry them. Who cares about freaking high heels on your wedding day? Is that more important than the man you would otherwise want to spend the rest of your life with? Why not wear flats? You'll be way more comfortable standing and dancing all day in flats. You don't deserve to get married to a great guy if you find a great guy but throw him away because you don't want to compromise about your shoes.

Why do most African Americans have that 'I was a slave' complex? It was 200 years ago, time to move on. amirite?

If a black person says they were a slave 200 years ago, they are immortal. Kill them and drink their blood to become immortal yourself.