Non-Americans: Sometimes you Americanise things you post on the internet (such as brand names, slang words, etc.) because otherwise no one would know what you're talking about, amirite?

Yep. I like how you say Americanise whereas an American would spell it Americanize.

It's strange to think that we may have witnessed someone's most embarrassing moment and don't even remember, and yet we still think so much about our own, amirite?

At least you're cute.

I feel bad for the next generation, they're all gonna have four sets of grandparents. amirite?

More grandparents = more presents.

Girls: When you were a kid, you would always try to tell people why it was great to be a girl (i.e "because girls can wear dresses AND pants!") but now since you're older you're like "fuck this period shit and give me a damn penis,", amirite?
Putting your child's dog to sleep is a terrible punishment, amirite?
Girls should shave "down there" amirite?

As a girl I prefer being shaven, but who are you to tell people what they should do with their body hair? If a girl wants to shave or trim or stay natural, it's up to her - she should just be hygienic.

If you don't know what a floppy disc is you don't deserve a computer, amirite?

Maybe when they were still used.
It's like saying if a young person doesn't know what a record is, they don't deserve an iPod. Doesn't make sense.

You would date a black guy, amirite?

Yes, Jesus. She's dating him because of his huge penis.

True love does NOT happen at age 13, amirite?

True love can happen at almost any age. If you meet your true love at 13, why not? Ignorant fools.

Girls: sometimes, no matter how great the guy is, you wont consider him because he's short and if you got married you wouldn't be able to wear heels at your wedding. amirite?

The number of YYAs on this is pathetic. You don't care about height when you love someone enough to want to marry them. Who cares about freaking high heels on your wedding day? Is that more important than the man you would otherwise want to spend the rest of your life with? Why not wear flats? You'll be way more comfortable standing and dancing all day in flats. You don't deserve to get married to a great guy if you find a great guy but throw him away because you don't want to compromise about your shoes.

I'm not skinny, but I'm not fat either. I have curves and I look healthy and yet every guy in school seems to go after that one annoying chick who looks like she hasn't eaten for days, amirite?

Why would you want to date shallow guys who only care about looks anyway?

Putting your child's dog to sleep is a terrible punishment, amirite?

Murdering their best friend because they made mistake? Gee, what a wonderful idea.

If you could lay in a tub full of spiders for ten minutes and then somehow never have to see another spider again for the rest of your life, you still wouldn't do it, amirite?

I'd do it if I could do it wearing one of those full-body astronaut suits.

Non-religious people- You still use phrases including the word 'god,' such as "oh my god", amirite?

It makes sense for as a non-religious person to use those phrases, rather than a religious person, because the religious person would probably find them offensive.

Total making out on the first date is too fast, amirite?