If the Internet was a city, amirite.com would be a Starbucks, and Urban Dictionary would be the hood, amirite?

Wikipedia would be the library

Kids in math problems have way too much time on their hands. Like seriously Avi? You're going to calculate the angle at which you need to ride your bike to get to Market Street? Get a girlfriend or something. amirite?

I thought Avi was a girl...

Do you want to know what sucks? Finding a great band, then finding out that they recently broke up. amirite?

Happened to me with system of a down

When the teacher asks who wants to present they're project first you should always volunteer. Not only do you get brownie points with the teacher but you also get to chill out in the back of the class room on your iphone for the rest of the period. Amirite?

You can use all that extra time on your iphone learning the right their to use.

You've also wondered what a Boggart would appear as to you, amirite?

What would it turn into if someone was scared of heights?

You have a friend and you can't tell if he/she is actually racist or if they're just kidding around. amirite?

Yea, I'm that friend.

Although everyone makes fun of hipsters for saying, "I liked it before it was mainstream," you can kind of relate to it. It's irritating when you discover something that only you and a few other people seem to know about and then pop culture gets its greasy, little hands on it and takes that special feeling away, amirite?
@cayjay The hunger games.. I first read it a few years ago before many people knew about it at all, and loved it. I tried...

I totally agree. I read it the year it came out in 2008 and have been excited for this movie since rumors about it started. Now a bunch of people are getting excited about it when they don't even know what its about!! GAHH pisses me off

You'd rather have no emotions than any emotions, amirite?

Read the giver. Explains a society having no emotions, good book, shifty ending thought

We all once held the world record for youngest person in the world, amirite?

and we eventually will be the most recent person that died

Everyone is so caught up in the whole end-of-the-world thing in 2012 that hardly anyone is thinking about the Olympics, amirite?

woohoo London! that means theres gonna be Quidditch right??

You have a kind of love/hate-relationship with your country, amirite?

love: my country
hate: the dumbasses that run it

School would be much more educational and entertaining if there was at least one class a day for "General Knowledge". The teacher would be more of a facilitator than an instructor and would have valuable discussions with the students about things you need to know to succeed or how the world works, and the class would also consist of healthy debates about current events. This way, the children would be prepared, aware, and more confident about voicing their opinion. amirite?

This is a great idea, but you'd have a bunch of the people that dont card and would just mess around and not actually join in the conversation.

it's more sad that at 16 some are "celebrating there 2nd ir 3rd

When you drive, it's interesting to think about the ripple effect your're having on traffic all over the city. Like, your right turn will cause another car to wait for you to turn, so he'll get to a stop light a little bit later and miss the green light, which will cause another car to be second at the light instead of first, which will cause them to miss a light somewhere up ahead, etc. Amirite?

I was just thinking about that yesterday while driving

Although most of the time the new Pokemon made in the newer generations are completely ridiculous, the added evolutions to Pokemon that didn't have evolutions or only had two in the first generation, like Magmortar for Magmar and Magnezone for Magneton, are pretty cool, amirite?

They have a vanilla ice cream cone pokemon. That's all I need to say